22 September 2017

Deliver Food by Walking?


They actually call it UberEATS for Walkers which is super obvious lol, at first thought it's a stupid joke but it's real, searched online and found quite a number of blogs with people really doing it, even got news report on it.

Seems like it is something Uber started this year, they pay people to pick up and deliver food on foot. Looking at the information so far, their app will try to match "delivery partners" which is the person doing delivery to a close pick up location and a close delivery location.

One trip is like $5 to $6, I wonder if there is anyone who do it full-time, if do 10 trips a day $50-$60 also not bad, but wonder if there is enough demand for delivery, that's why need more lazy people to support this market, seems like laziness is also a good thing for business lol. Or maybe some people busy until cannot go out to eat, for me if really so busy I just don't eat, no mood how to eat.

Maybe after I quit my shit job I can try this.

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