Past Experience Don't Mean Anything

Today after talking to boss that I need one new guy with at least 5 years experience to help me, afterwards out of the blue he told me he can get me a new girl from another project, can start very soon, told me she worked at Infosys for 2 years, wow, Infosys is like a very big and well-known IT company in India, I thought she must be quite good, maybe can compromise a bit.

To my horror, the project manager for that girl happened to walk by, we caught a conversation with her, she told me the girl can't even write simple SQL such as select and update when she was standing beside her, can't even trace a screen to the code level, can only trace the screens that her colleague showed her before, basically anything that is more dynamic she can't do, can only do static stuff like monitor batch job, actually the truth is that the project manager don't want her, nin na beh no wonder so suddenly say found someone for me, my boss also really kan nin na, I immediately say I don't want, haha, if it is too good to be true, it usually is.

I really wonder what this girl has been doing at Infosys for those 2 years, monitor batch job everyday? Who the heck monitors batch job anyway lol like what the fuck man.

So I told him if he want to find someone who can't do anything, might as well let me work alone better, at least everything is within my control, at most work OT everyday, better than having to pick up shit behind the new guy, still have to waste time to train, if I have nothing better to do I don't mind, with a mountain of shit behind me, he really think I have the mood for a fucking walk in the park.

Train never mind, I like sharing knowledge but problem is everybody the attitude and "wu xing" is different, some people teach 1-2 times enough, some people spend a few years still like never learn anything, like this guy helping me, more like I helping him, I seriously don't know what he has been doing for the past 2-3 years, coding still cannot make it, technical knowledge about almost everything also don't know, still not independent, every time ask stupid questions, really give up.

Anyway boss say won't renew this guy's contract, I agreed, given him so many chances, have to cover his backside don't know how many times, tired. And every time play with handphone, come later than me, go earlier than me, have production issues no urgency to resolve, phone ring no urgency to pick up, I have to go and solve, I have to pick up the phone, he really think I blind or too nice, just because I busy don't bother doesn't mean I don't notice, my boss also notice. Actually boss wanted to get rid of him very long ago, I was the one who wanted to give him chances that's why he can stay 2-3 years, kan nin na sometimes I think I really too nice.

Come to think about it, if I spent all these time working alone, probably not so stress.