29 October 2017

Why Other Companies So Good

Recently I was working with one of my company's major competitor, it happened because an interface was required by the government agency from their system to my system.

So for competitors to work together, it's not really like in the movies or dramas where people fight it out, in reality it is very professional, very focused on what needs to be done, no blaming if something goes wrong, if there is a problem we just fix it, at least from what I have experienced so far.

And while talking to their project manager, I heard that they have a team lead, a business analyst and looking at the people with their company's domain name in the email loop, they have a bunch of developers or technical persons. As for me, I am the project manager, the business analyst, the tester, heck I even do the deployment, one-man show but I do have developers helping me translate design to code but bloody hell I have to do the design too.

I've been thinking about the multi-task multi-role nonsense my company is pushing, it is retarded, they pay one person salary but expect the person to take multiple roles at the same time, fucking cheap labour. This year's bonus also like shit. Maybe I should join the competitor, actually I went for interview once they never take me, sad.

I think most important thing to do now is to get out of this shithole asap, there is definitely a greener pasture elsewhere, my company is shit, my colleagues also mostly cannot make it, customers also like shit, oh another nonsense policy is in order to save money, they like to hire fresh grads with little to no experience and they expect people like me to train them, yeah if I have nothing better to do I don't mind, but if I have a mountain of shit to clear, they think I have the mood lol.

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