11 November 2017

Back from Genting Trip

Just came back from my Genting trip, quite disappointing but at least I got what I went for.

Scenery and "air"

What really attracted me was the scenery and the mountain air, but now it is so much different from when I went 5 years ago, they changed until quite difficult to get outside, from First World Hotel have to go up the new Sky Avenue Mall level 4 then walk to the Malaysian Food Street, up two escalators then walk a bit more before I can reach outside. Ok la, at least I got what I came for, beautiful mountain view and misty air, mission accomplished.

But actually if really want scenery and have too much money to spend can just book Genting Grand Hotel, but it is not cheap. It has the ultimate view and main entrance go out can see the misty air already, shiok.

Travel time

Left Golden Mile at 6.32am, reached First World Hotel at 1.43pm, 7 hours+. Come back we left Genting at 11.55am+, reached Golden Mile around 8pm+.

Yong Peng

If go Genting how can not pass by this place, still looks the same, Ramly beef burger is power, 7.50 ringgit for the special, must be the best food I have eaten on the entire trip!

First World Bus Terminal

It's gone. I remember last time can walk from First World Hotel to the terminal, now the path turn into the Sky Avenue Mall. So now if want to buy bus ticket back to SG no worries, actually now more convenient, can just buy at the hotel's Information Counter, I have a photo below. I bought Sri Maju one person 60 ringgit. By the way can buy from 9am to 5pm only so take note.

One bad thing is now all the buses will go to the First World Hotel, then outside is so smelly, I think can die from carbon monoxide poisoning if stay there too long.


Not much, only the old arcade and a theatre, a lot of areas still under construction or renovation, the mall is not 100% ready, if you have a chance to look outside, can see there are plenty of construction going on. Unless if you are there for gambling, not worth going at all, you will find that you have nothing to do there, will be sibei sian like us. But if want to gamble, might as well go MBS or RWS, why take a 7 hours+ bus ride just to gamble.


Only the new Sky Avenue Mall, which is just like any other mall in SG, nothing special. If want to shop, might as well shop in SG. Oh by the way they have a Uniqlo at level 2.


The food is expensive, expect to pay SG prices for the food there. The Malaysian Food Street I think most expensive I have tried so far, obviously a tourist trap but food is nice, the satay damn power (6 sticks 20 ringgit), bak kut teh also nice (32 ringgit), the pig intestine bak kut teh must try (32 ringgit).

They have a Din Tai Fung at the new mall, this one slightly cheaper than eat in SG but food is below average, dumpling the prawn a bit not fresh. Me, wife and baby eat 170 ringgit total, about $55.73, same items order in SG probably $60-$70. The service at this branch is amazing, baby suddenly vomit they clean super fast, never see them frown, usually when someone clean up vomit for sure will frown, the guy who helped us did it with a big smile, I think he is plain super nice. Anyway service in this branch is exemplary.


I thought only the Din Tai Fung has great service, actually every staff at Genting that I interacted with was very friendly and professional, huge improvement from 2012, impressive.


I think Malaysians are generally very nice and friendly, can expect random casual greetings or small talks from out of nowhere, which hardly happen in SG.

Cable car

It's a new cable car, can take at the new mall level 4. Wife leg pain end up never take, anyway to and fro is only 16 ringgit, nothing to do can go take for fun.

Diapers and milk powder

Strangely they don't sell too much of XXL diapers/pants, I scoured the entire mall and found only two packets of XXL diapers, some more one packet only two pieces wah really peng. XL plenty, M and L also have but not many. S and NB don't have so better bring your own. Actually just bring your own, it's not super convenient to get to the 7/11 or the other mini-marts anyway. If you are thinking of outlets similar to Giant or Fairprice, don't bother, don't have.

As for milk powder, don't think I have seen any, wife got bring so didn't really lookout for it, so safer to bring your own.



sim said...

Thanks for sharing bro. Plan to make a trip next year when most construction already done.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

No problem, enjoy!