17 November 2017

Back from Phuket

Wah go already don't feel like coming back lol, there so relaxing, sunny, beaches, windy, friendly people, actually I find that the culture there overall friendlier than compared to Bangkok, see if you go BKK, after you leave the airport first thing is people tout and try to overcharge you for taxi, they can get a bit pushy, or anywhere else in Bangkok, tuk tuk drivers or taxi drivers can get too pushy whereas in Phuket, they have pricing clearly stated on big boards, can't possibly miss it and it's up to you to take it or not.

But beware the taxi in Phuket is freaking expensive, just short trip of 2-3 KM can cost you 300-400 Baht. You can try Grab but not much difference I guess, maybe depend on luck. Uber don't work in Phuket.

As you can see below, from my resort to the airport is 350 Baht for GrabCar, when I came I paid 300 Baht for taxi (the counter girl gave me discount, original was 400 Baht according to price guide) so Grab really not much cheaper. It's actually a short distance, 2.4 KM accordingly to google map. After we reached the resort then the staff told us have free shuttle service, na beh paid 300 for nothing. So when we left they sent us to airport for free.

Second picture you can see Uber don't work at all.

Tomorrow then post pictures.

Sigh, SG really sian man, reach Changi Airport, exit the plane can feel the stress slowly coming back, phew, here really stressful place. Phuket best la, compared to Bangkok or Udon Thani.

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