Phuket Trip 13 Nov 2017 to 17 Nov 2017

Air ticket to the airport $458.49 for me, wife and baby. Now baby 2 years old so have to buy a seat for her which is a good thing, previously want to buy but cannot buy because not yet 2 years old, strange policy.

As for hotel, total is $222.68 for 4 nights, it's a resort near to the Nai Yang Beach (Phuket Airport Sonwa Resort), so it's a beach resort and so cheap, usually beach resort costs a lot. We'll just have to see why so cheap. Anyway another reason why I choose this resort is because it is very near to the airport so no need to worry about rushing to the airport.

Then for spending, now still thinking how much I need to change, thinking maybe $900, or is it too much, not sure if there is any shopping there or not, I don't mind eating all day and drinking beer though.

So after Phuket, where should I go? I want to plan a string of holidays and forget about the shit in Singapore.