Took One Month Off

Yesterday really cannot take it anymore told boss want to quit, he kept asking me to stay, jia lat, actually already give up on the job, don't see it going anywhere, the only thing worth staying for is the money, but have money not happy no use, I mean just think about it, money is just numbers, or just something that is required to pay the bills, why have to stress over it, no point.

So in the end he told me to take a break and asked me how long I want, wow such a surprise, I just randomly said one month and he actually agreed lol. Since he agreed then why not, nothing to lose for me. After clearing annual leave and childcare leave, have to take 11 days no pay leave which I'm totally ok with, one whole month no pay leave I also don't mind, just want to get away from this shit right now.

I will make good use of this leave, really get my life in order, feel like I've been rotting away physically and mentally for a long time, should really take the time to adjust back to being a normal person.