30 November 2017

Won 4D $250 for Being Honest

Monday went to Marina Square and had lunch at Sakae Sushi, bill came and realized they didn't charge me for 2x chawanmushi and 3x takoyaki so I went back to pay. After that then realized there is one more salmon karaage also never charge, lazy to go back again so took it as a discount for me being honest, anyway it's just $2.39 or about $2.80 with tax and service charge so not really a big amount so I don't feel so bad.

The guy who seems to be the supervisor said only got people tell him overcharge, I'm the first who told him undercharge lol.

Anyway thought I would buy 4D with the bill since it is good karma, end up buying with the wrong bill because on the same day also went to Toast Box to buy their chicken curry, their curry chicken sucks by the way. So I bought 1080, 8090 and 1240, the 1080 open starter and I won $250 lol.

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