Honestbee Delivery Not So Honest

So today saw their promotion, first order get $12 off, didn't know they got send food, anyway $12 cheaper why not.

And then they kept me waiting for almost one and a half hour, on the website quoted less than an hour, but late never mind, sometimes I order from foodpanda or kfc or any other delivery they also late but at least the food arrive in acceptable condition, sometimes the delivery guy also apologised, most of the time don't, but who cares as long as the food arrives.

But this one the round pizza become triangle pizza, obviously somebody must have drop or carry the pizza sideway, who the hell carry a pizza sideway.

Wife told me the delivery guy head bow down as if do something wrong, he just pass the box to wife and went off, didn't see the face. Then I opened the box and saw the triangle pizza, immediately take photo and complain via their online chat function, at least their customer service quickly apologised and waived the cost. They say want to give me $10 voucher as token of apology, na beh make me wait and then send me triangle pizza and then want to give me $10 voucher, trying to test my limit right, but I quite politely declined.

Really pissed off, not because late but because somebody must have known but decided to send it to me anyway, drop or carry sideway, could be accidental, fine who doesn't screw up, just admit to the mistake, give me a call and cancel my order that's it, I'll just get other food, don't screw up, keep quiet and send me garbage.


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