Returned to Work Today

First day very slack, morning only clear all the emails, nobody disturb me, then boss told me now put me in a more technical position which I'm ok with, actually I still prefer to do technical stuff rather than deal with users and get requirement which can be very tedious, sometimes very simple things they like to stir until like super big issue but end up also simple code change.

So once first day over, the rest should flow naturally, always difficult is the first day or first time, actually like it or not still have to work, not much choice, then this job so good where to find.

Oh by the way today a staff from Sheng Siong called me during lunch time, she told me I won a $100 lucky draw and confirmed my home address so they can send me the letter, so heng, I think in my life this is my second time kena lucky draw, first time was at a company event, some cheap prize though, think it was a pen or something.

First day at work win lucky draw lol, sibei heng.


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