Pizza Hut Delivery is Awesome

Recently I have been ordering from Pizza Hut quite often thanks to the free pizza coupons that they gave when they were late, but I still have to say that their delivery service is excellent.

Their online ordering site is just simply industry standard, shopping cart style, just like KFC or McDonald's so nothing special here, choose your food, go to cart, checkout, pay online or cash-on-delivery.

What is truly amazing is when I receive the food from their awesome delivery guys, when they are late, they ALWAYS come with a free pizza coupon stapled on the receipt, no question asked, they must have known it will be late so they must have stapled it in advance, this is pro-activeness, they know they have a problem and they come with a solution, this is commendable. Either that or their delivery guys bring along a staple with them but I doubt so, even if this is the case, it is still commendable, this is readiness, and I appreciate it.

Then packaging, their packaging is awesome, even though food is late, food is still fresh, hot and packed nicely.

And honesty, this is something that I value strongly, just now the Pizza Hut delivery guy who sent me the food told me there was a spill of the pasta sauce and he asked me if it was okay, of course I told him it was okay, he made a mistake, he told me upfront, that is commendable, unlike the stupid dishonestbee where they messed up my food but sent it to me anyway.

Now I know why Pizza Hut has managed to stay in competition all these years, with this kind of service, foodpanda, ubereats, dishonestbee all no threat at all.