23 January 2018

Taking On Bigger Role at Work

Previously my boss designated me as the project manager for two projects, it's just designation so salary never increase, then sibei tiring, have to be the target board if problem arise, then have to prepare progress report, have to attend user meetings, have to deal with key users, really so tedious, then have to manage junior staff, wah piang really peng.

From the shitty experience I know project management is not my cup of tea, actually all okay except the people part, junior staff cannot make it management expect me to train, based on my experience I can tell you if someone cannot make it, no matter how you train also useless, teach a man how to fish and he can take care of himself, but if the man refuse to put in effort then you are just wasting your time. Then users completely unreasonable management expect me to bend over, company always advocate staff are asset all bullshit, the fact is staff are expendable not happy they can always hire another one but project cannot lose, at the end of the financial year profit and loss is everything, cold hard truth.

So after my hiatus from work, come back now he appointed me as architect lol, really wtf, then go around telling everyone I'm the architect, really gave me a super big hat, chinese say head not so big don't wear such a big hat. Now my role is more of an overall firefighter, which project have difficulty or anything that involves all the projects seems like I'm the person everyone will go to, any technical challenge, any environment challenge basically anything technical.


Anonymous said...

hey, congrats on the new role! Look on the bright side, this new designation and job scope will look great on your resume! You should try pitching your CV to a recruiter and see what opportunities may come your way :) - a reader

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks, yeah I should really try who knows might get a better job.