31 January 2018

This Whole Month Never Take Leave

I completed one whole month of work without taking any leave, even I myself also surprised, somehow now don't feel so sian about my job, I guess switching to a different role helps. Previously every month at least will take one day leave or MC because really don't feel like going to work at all. So for you guys who is now sick and tired of your job, can try asking your boss to put you in a different role, do something different then not so sian.

So now my job so far so good, get to meet different people, do different things, have more power over things, also get to teach people how to do things, feels so different, so dynamic, so confident. Actually now the things that I do is more challenging, but somehow feels good about it, I guess a person cannot stay stagnant, do the same shit everyday sure get sickening very fast, same like if you eat the same food everyday also sian.

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