Bought Bak Kwa 500g for $18 at Fragrance

Today went to Chinatown, so crowded and so many new year goods stalls, selling so many new products that I have never seen before. If want to buy anything now not good time to go, too freaking crowded plus the hot weather really head pain.

Anyway didn't buy much, actually also didn't want to go through all that stalls but just happened to have lunch at Yum Cha restaurant so have to go through there.

Want to eat bak kwa now is good time before they increase the price. Fragrance signature bak kwa 500g for $27, the trimmed off ones or rather less good looking ones they selling 500g for $18, actually it's the same thing just that signature is nice looking square so better for giving to people as gift, but for me eat at home make no sense to pay extra $9 just for good looking, got to cut it anyway lol.