Bought Air Tickets to Thailand

This time bringing my parents along, it has been 5 years since they last went, so this time I made it a point to bring them there again to meet my MIL and family, actually my parents also very looking forward to it, few days ago told parents they were very excited, especially my father.

So today I settled all the purchase of the air tickets, haven't book hotel though because not sure where we want to stay. By the way wife and baby already there at MIL house so go only buy tickets for me and parents.

SIN to BKK - $255.30 for me and parents.
BKK to UTH - 5805 Baht for me and parents.
UTH to DMK - 4991.50 + 1732.60 Baht for me, wife, parents, baby, MIL and wife's cousin.
BKK to SIN - 14025 Baht for me, wife, parents and baby.

So total around $1373.74 as of today exchange rate.

Update on 14 Apr 2018:

Final air tickets charge in bank statement, total $1406.13:

Also booked a nice modern hotel (Ibis Bangkok Siam) very near to MBK, booked 3 rooms total $736.96 + $269.42 = $1006.38.

For spending money I changed 59000 Baht for $2494.70. This is to cover expenses of 5 adults and 2 children.

Grand total air tickets, hotel and spending money is 1406.13 + 1006.38 + 2494.70 = $4907.21