Hotel, Villa or Resort?

Just got news that my MIL and wife's two young cousins also want to return to Bangkok after our Udon trip, so I think two rooms will not be enough. So I'm looking at,, and airbnb, so many options, still have no idea what to book.

Airbnb looks kind of sucks, it's definitely got the cheapest options among all but most are apartments and looks boring, it's like going there and then stay in a house where the locals stay, kind of pointless. My mother stayed in one during a trip to Bangkok a few years back, she told me the apartment was filthy, I wasn't surprised because it's an apartment, they probably don't provide proper daily cleaning.

Anyway I'm leaning towards a proper hotel or resort, but hotel feels too urban, kind of pointless if I'm trying to get away from our own urban jungle, so maybe a resort or villa? Villa is probably most expensive among all, looked at a few but don't like, feels kind of remote, it's like a bungalow by itself in a remote area, probably not very convenient. Then resorts looks kind of old, hmmm, maybe I'll just go with a proper hotel, in terms of amenities hotels probably have the best among all.

Ok hotel that is, a proper hotel.