23 April 2018

Nowadays Dental Treatment So Costly

Last weekend a piece of my tooth got chipped off, the last one from my top left, then become very sensitive, drink cold water will have stinging sensation.

Then today knocked off early so called Q&M because near my house, so happened they have slot so I went straight down without making appointment.

The dentist was a young girl, probably mid 20s, very friendly and provided very detailed explanation of my conditions, so detailed that she talked until she a bit breathless, she also went through the cost before commencing treatment, very professional, very upfront.

She recommended crowning for the chipped tooth, also told me it is due to grinding, I didn't know I grind my teeth at night, wife also never tell me, later ask my wife. Then she say can do x-ray today, put up a temp crown, then Thursday rush for the actual crown, she also suggested to get a teeth guard, so crowning around $1000 for some diamond don't know what material which looks similar to my teeth, and $250 for the normal teeth guard, wah seh, like that already $1250.

Anyway this weekend going off to Thailand, when she mentioned have to rush then I not so comfortable, rather come back then do, because last time got experience that my previous dentist patched a chipped tooth then few days later came off so have to go back, so imagine in Thailand then shit happens so better come back then one shot settle.

Here's the bill for today, just wash and fill 2 teeth $269.60. Around 10 years back wash teeth only $50, filling same also $50, now $80, increase of 60% in 10 years, phew.

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