01 April 2018

Recontract Mobile and Broadband

Just now went to Starhub to recontract my mobile line with iphone 8 and broadband to fibre 1Gbps with a free linksys router.

The phone is $606 with the XS plan, end up they charge me for $750 but later I checked again actually their mistake, went back and got a refund of the amount overcharged. I think the Starhub website pricing can be quite confusing, it says new line have $150 off, but don't know if the quoted price is already $150 off or further can discount, maybe that's why me and the counter staff got confused. Anyway end up paying $356 for the phone. I trade in my iphone 6S for $200 + a $50 voucher.

The iphone 8 feels smoother and a bit lighter, quite cool but other than that don't see much of a difference, but the camera looks nicer than 6S.

Then for 1Gbps only $39.90 with a free router that comes with 3 antennas, the model is EA7500, very easy to setup.

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