Baby Urine Have Blood?

Yesterday after we started her antibiotics (augmentin 70ml bottle 2x/day) she started to have diarrhea, today wife noticed that there is a dark red brownish patch in her diapers, it led us to think that baby might have blood in her urine. So I quickly called the GP and we went straight down.

After GP explained it could be due to the diarrhea causing the skin to be sensitive and not due to internal bleeding we were relieved. He also explained that for her weight of 23KG, 7ml twice a day is fine but she probably cannot tolerate due to her age, so he advised to lower down to 5ml twice a day. He also prescribed some probiotics to counter the effect of the antibiotics and also a cream to apply to the sensitive area.

And he only charged for the medication never charge for consultation, nice doctor right.