Baby Went to See Doctor

Baby has been coughing for a few weeks ever since wife brought her to Thailand last month, think she got infected from playing in the inflatable pool, not sure where the water is coming from but I guess it's not very clean, it could also be other source of infection, maybe also the drinking water but wife fed her only bottled water though, not sure what else baby put in her mouth, she has this habit licking things or placing objects into her mouth but good thing she doesn't swallow it or else she could end up suffocating.

So this morning when I woke up she was still coughing so I got a bit worried and brought her to the Queenstown polyclinic, end up no slot, nowadays they go by slot in the system if full then must wait until afternoon, earliest slot was 2:30 PM so we decided to visit a GP instead.

I googled and found this Chong Family Clinic, it has this unusual full 5 stars rating so of course no need to think too much, I made a call, got a slot and went there straight. Lady at the phone was very friendly.

So we reached there, very friendly front desk staff, didn't wait too long to see the doctor and to our surprise the doctor can actually speak Thai, and he was very patient and apparently he is very good with children, never see my daughter smile so much when seeing a doctor.

He also explained the cause very clearly, cough which led to ear infection (he checked baby's ear with an instrument, found it inflamed), and he offered two solutions, one is some nasal spray treatment and the other is antibiotics, he actually explained the pros and cons of each solution, so we went with the antibiotics.

And then the bill is truly itemised, I don't remember GP ever giving me a properly itemised bill, for example sometimes they just lump everything in one amount, or medicine all lump into one amount.

So if you want to see a doctor who can speak Thai, good with kids, patient and can explain in layman terms and itemised billing, you should check out this clinic.

Heard from wife this clinic is actually well-known in the Singapore Thai community on Facebook.


Anonymous said…
Hello! May I know what is the url for the singapore thai community page in facebook? I would like to get my wife to join as well. Hope your daughter gets well soon!

The page is pantip if I'm not wrong, think they also have a site but it's all in Thai.