05 May 2018

Some Thoughts About Thailand

Overall rural area still the best i.e. wife's hometown at Udon Thani, air is super fresh, people are super nice, food is super fresh although most of the time looks weird to city people like me but if you try it it's actually very nice. The only problem is getting to places, for example getting to the town from wife's home is around 30 mins ride, or getting to some well-known temple is 3-4 hours drive, so without a car it is very difficult or impossible. And because of the distance, that's why you see people from rural area are more relaxed no rush type.

Then come to Bangkok, the transport is terrible, the jam is terrible, the culture is terrible, taxi and tuk tuk drivers always try to overcharge if you are not local, Grab is not as easily available as in Singapore, and the worse is the pollution, if you take tuk tuk and get driven across a busy street you will know what I'm talking about, it is just horrendous. And most Thais in Bangkok are not as friendly as those from rural areas, they don't seem to like foreigner.

We also went to this Asiatique at Bangkok, there is a ferris wheel, 400 Baht per adult, it's a tourist trap so the things there are very expensive, similar to Sentosa in Singapore or Genting Highland in Malaysia.

And the street food scene is mostly gone, can still see a few illegal vendors though, now they are consolidated into a few areas where vendors can sell their stuff, one such area is at MBK, do until very nice looking but is mall price instead of street price, kind of pointless if you have to pay mall price for street food. If you visit MBK level 4 you will see a food court very similar to those in Singapore, see these two photos, if I never tell you both were taken in Bangkok you probably will think it is in Singapore.

Anyway might as well visit other province, now feel like Bangkok lost its charm when they try to turn it into Singapore, actually there is a lot that they need to do to turn it into Singapore, I mean why visit Bangkok when I'm already in Singapore.

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