Fairprice On Really Turn Me Off

My first experience ordering from FairPrice On they were 35 minutes late, 35 minutes is not a very long time so I just keep quiet, those foodpanda or kfc guys also sometimes late so quite normal to me.

But my second time ordering from them yesterday, supposed to send to me today between 6-8pm, until 10pm no sight of the delivery. Then finally at around 10:15pm the driver called my wife say he send now, end up out of 8 ordered items he sent only 4, the other 4 he will send tomorrow. Like that also can!?!

The driver came up to my house, whole body wet like drenched in the rain but today not raining?? In fact today is a super hot day. So I asked him what happened, he told me somebody stole his trolley so he had to carry everything by hand, I turned and looked at my wife in disbelief. Then I checked the items, out of 8 items 4 missing, I told him and he say he go back his van and find, I looked at my wife in disbelief again.

So after a while he didn't come back, I went down to find him, saw his searching in his van, end up cannot find my missing items. Again he told me sorry he was late and because somebody stole his trolley. I asked him why didn't he tell his manager or supervisor, because without his trolley how is he going to do his job. I also noticed he had 3-4 other blue casings, think supposed to send to other people. Then he cut open a sealed blue box, wow, sure my missing items can be found inside other people's box??

Then he told me he will come send tomorrow, then he told me tomorrow his not working, I was thinking what is he saying, then he told me to call him. At this point I'm pretty sure he is drunk or on drugs because he is not making any sense at all. So I told him to call me instead, he said 3pm he will settle. Ok. I wait.