Fettuccine, Bacon and Mushrooms

I cooked it hehe, looks power right. The bacon very salty though, still delicious.


unknownstranger said…
Wow looks solid mind sharing your recipe?
Sure, here goes:
1. Fettuccine (any other pasta also can)
2. Brown mushrooms
3. White mushrooms
4. Portobello mushrooms
5. Streaky bacon
6. Back bacon
7. Prego Cheese and Herbs Pasta Sauce (yellow label)

For fettuccine I bought Prego brand, find it a bit too soft for my liking, maybe you can try San Remo.

My wife loves mushrooms so I put a lot, it goes really well with pasta.

If I cook again I probably will replace one of the bacon with something else to reduce the saltiness, maybe meatballs or sausage.
Suji Ama said…
Multi talent ;)