03 July 2018

Regarding Singapore 4D Gaming

Recently talked about 4D with my colleagues, they mentioned that there are 10,000 numbers that's why in Mandarin it's termed as 万字票. That led me to thinking whether it is possible to beat the system.

By the way 10,000 numbers range from 0000 to 9999, don't be surprised, 0000 and 9999 actually opened before and quite several times considering the 4284 draws to date. You can check past winning numbers here.

So let's say we buy all 10,000 numbers, the chance of winning all 23 numbers will be 100%, however we need to spend at least $10,000. The total prize from first prize all the way to consolation is just $6,590, that means we will lose $3,410.

Even if we manage to find 3410 numbers that will never ever open (which is very unlikely, the oddest number also open before), we will still only break-even. And also, it is mandatory to win the first 3 prizes otherwise also end up losing money.

Some people try to predict winning numbers by referring to past winning numbers and come up with a probability pattern, but then probability is just calculated guess, in something random such as 4D it is very difficult if not impossible to tell until the numbers open.

Summary is it is not possible to beat the system unless you know what numbers are going to open.

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