Today Went for Interview

On Monday night I updated my profile on a whim with one extra line of current job experience, actually quite outdated so haven't really update finish but anyway on the next day out of the blue a recruiter called me and asked if I was looking for a job, was quite surprised but I said yes, and he spoke to me about 3 openings and told me he will send my profile to the hiring companies. Then later in the day he told me I got selected for an interview by one of the companies and arranged the session for today.

So today I went for the interview, took a one hour technical test, cannot use smartphone to google, it was some multiple choice questions on core Java and JEE which was quite alright, then have to write one line of Javascript to change an input value, this one I think I got it a bit wrong, who the heck in this day and age set the value this way, nowadays all using JQuery or some other JS libraries, some more ask me to use pen to write on paper, the only time I actually write is when I fill up the Sheng Siong lucky draw, otherwise I hardly touch a pen at all.

The question if I remember correctly is something like this, so need to change the value of "field2".

<form name="myform">
  <input type="text" name="field1" />
  <input type="text" name="field2" />

My answer I put:


Then later I found that the correct one should be using "elements" instead of "input":

document.forms[0].elements[1].value = "someValue";

Then write a simple SQL to select some fields from two tables, should be cakewalk for anyone who learn even a bit of SQL.

Then a couple of write some Java functions like return two largest numbers, find duplicates, can find these questions in almost any "XXX Java Interview Questions" search online so they are very common. Then one is some card arrangement or sorting, what spade what diamond what suit, na beh think I god of gambling right, this one I left empty, completely lost.

Then one more loss is ask me to list two JSP implicit objects, this one actually I use very often, just that didn't know got such a chim name, like request.setAttribute or response.sendRedirect("somePageOrUrl") and etc, afterwards I go google then really face palm.

Then two stupid textbook mathematics question, like last time primary or secondary school kind of questions, but don't know got it correct or not lol.

Anyway, I guess somehow I managed to survive, just now the HR called me and offered me what I asked for. So fast so weird lol, gave me until Monday to consider.

Aiyah actually of course I will take, change environment is good, some more the HR say have overseas opportunity, I work in current job so many years 0 chance of overseas travel, want to change other project also impossible, feel very very stagnant.

Fixed monthly salary is about 4.96% higher, as for bonus it is performance-based and no AWS same like current company. But ok la, I didn't jump for salary anyway, actually I put the asking salary also anyhow put, and I got it. Looks like I'm destined to move on... Sometimes just have to go with the flow.


Anonymous said…
That's good news! Congrats and wish you all the best in your new career!!
Thanks for the encouragement!