Chipped Tooth Feels Ok Now

In April this year, my top left second molar chipped off during sleep, good thing I never went for the crowning because now it feels normal already, no more sensitivity or pain. Now overall my teeth also not so sensitive because that time the dentist cleaned my teeth, didn't know dirty teeth can also cause sensitivity, so it's good to go for cleaning at least once a year just to get rid of teeth sensitivity.

But first 1-2 months the chipped tooth will feel pain and sensitivity on and off, by the 3rd month mostly gone, now coming 4 months totally normal. If that time do crowning and teeth guard will probably spend $1250 at least, saved that money.

Also part of crowning the dentist need to trim the tooth, online sources say it will weaken the structure of the tooth, I think in olden days when dentistry was not as advanced or accessible, when people chip their tooth they probably also leave it to heal by itself. I believe the pain and sensitivity comes from the gums around the tooth, probably due to the impact and just needed to give it time to heal, just like open wound, after it heals it becomes normal, just scarred, but inside mouth cannot see so not an issue.