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"Bee Bee" Snack

Found this snack at Sheng Siong, long time never see this, used to eat it a lot when I was a kid back in the 1990s. I remember last time one packet was $0.10, most if not all mama stores will sell. This snack is really tasty but a bit spicy. There is also a blue version which is very rare, only bought it once, the blue one is also very good.

Mac N Cheese Zinger

Just tried this for dinner, the mac & cheese bun is really disgusting and super oily, I think even more oily than the fried chicken! Such a bad idea, wonder if the person who designed this burger actually tried it. I think you are better off just ordering the normal zinger which is more balanced with veggies and much less oily.

Change to Re-Offer of Balance Flat (ROF)

Source In May this year I would have completed the 5 years Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), which means I can apply for a new flat from HDB. Now me, wife and baby staying in a old 2-room flat at Queenstown, really old and rundown, getting worse with each passing year. Renovate also like waste of money because eventually we will move out. So when I saw this news at first a bit happy because they will implement after my flat meet MOP which is just nice, but after reading details then realise that only 120 flats will be offered, very strange move because if you see the SBF or ROF exercises, so many leftover flats, why don't they just offer it all for people to book anytime. Anyway by the time should be able to book BTO so hope can MOP before the May BTO. Just did a calculation, if sell my current flat at $200,000, total loss is about $90,000 after paying outstanding loan, levy and return to CPF. Bought it at $250,000, this flat 50+ years, I think can sell $200,000 already

Simple Company CNY Lunch

Veggie is good, the rest is alright, fried rice a bit lacking though.

Baby Reunion Dinner 2019

Look so happy lol.

Going to Phuket After Songkran

This April me, wife and baby going to Phuket for holiday, but wife and baby will be going to MIL home in advance, so after Songkran I'm going to meet them directly at Phuket airport. This time we going to Patong area, probably about 1 hour or so taxi ride from airport. Wife say Patong is the area where tsunami hit, I remember there is a movie on it, can't remember the name. Wife and baby to BKK - S$278.00 Wife and baby to UTH - S$160.99 Wife and baby to DMK-HKT - S$378.10 Me to HKT - S$75.09 All to SIN - S$354.79 Hotel (4N) - S$502.28 Total - S$1749.25