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$3.50 Kway Chap

Today nothing better to do so decided to just get out for a walk, then walk until the Tiong Bahru Food Centre, I think walked for slightly over one hour.

But well worth it, ordered this cheap $3.50 kway chap, soup is really nice, hawker food is the best!

Skyparc @ Dawson

Just now walked past the construction site, looks like they build pretty fast, I think by the end of this year should be finished.

I think this is quite a nice place but a bit "ulu", don't see any convenience store or supermarket, but a search on google map shows the nearest supermarket is Sheng Siong behind the SkyVille @ Dawson, but it's quite a walk.

DBS Cards Fee Waiver via iBanking(Guide)


Finally found out where to request for credit card fee waiver in the iBanking website. It is actually under the iBanking internal message system, the mail icon at the top right, then under Compose, then choose Credit Cards > Fee Waiver > then select your card.

$3.50 Wanton Noodle and $3.50 Shrimp Wanton Soup

Cheap and good hawker food for breakfast. I love hawker food, the best in Singapore.

Next Month Must Use Cash to Pay HDB Flat

My monthly instalment is $721, so last month deducted $624 from my CPF, still owe HDB $97.

So just paid via HDB website using eNETS.

Anyway have prepped for this, also not a big amount.

Well one good thing is my CPF can grow more. But this May probably going to try for BTO, get a 3-room so baby can have her own space.

Nene Chicken for Dinner

Standard like drop, the chicken not very fresh, good things never last, so true.

Big Fish Small Fish

First time try this, serving kind of small, but the Barramudi fish and chips is quite ok, the fish very meaty, chips is actually potato chips.

The fish and chip is one set, I open and pour together with the spaghetti and chicken chop, you see still like so little lol. Try once is enough.

Instant Noodles Again!

Wife and baby went to Thailand yesterday, now I home alone, come back home don't know what to eat just cook noodles. One person very easy, anything works.

Instant Noodles Still Pretty Good

Maggi curry, some veggies, luncheon meat and two eggs, also added two slices of cheese, not bad.

Side of Singapore Tourist Don't See

You don't see this sight at tourist spots, but if you visit residential areas, this is pretty common, especially prevalent in older estates.

Another problem with older estates is some people they don't ever clean their house, when you walk past there will be a stench, then cat feeding, pigeon feeding also a major problem, people just feed strays and then leave the food around, attracting ants, rats and cockroaches.

Also, high rise littering, this morning I heard loud thuds, went to kitchen, somebody threw leftover food out of the window.

So disgusting and filthy.

51 Commonwealth Drive

Very beautiful looking HDB block, I think the design is very modern, these days new HDB blocks look about the same as condo, only way you can tell the difference is condo have barrier and security.

A 4-room unit in this block can fetch $7xxk to $8xxk, kind of ridiculous.

Singapore Government to Spend $200 Million On Supercomputing


I think spending money on technologies that will eventually become the norm is always a good thing, but I think at current state Singapore seems to have lagged behind other countries especially China, which in recent years have significantly surpassed us.

One thing that people don't get is, they think a country is advanced as long as they have the latest technologies, this is such a common misconception. If nobody knows how to use the technologies, or rather people are resistant to new things, then it's as good as not having the technologies.

I believe many have heard of the term "cashless" or "paperless", unfortunately it is not well-embraced here in Singapore. Just look at ATMs, you see people queuing up to update their bank books, which they can easily check via their mobile app instead.

Paper bills I can understand, some people prefer "hardcopy" in case some figures are wrong they can go back to the merchant, but then these days most me…

On The Way to Work

Just another day of going to work in Singapore at 7:57 AM. Our public transportation system is actually very established, especially for our buses they cover probably all if not most of our tiny island.

Canned Soft Drink Lose Fizz Slower?

Fizzy drinks are great but when the fizz is almost gone, the experience is much less enjoyable.

Take coca cola as example, I notice that the 1.5L bottle tend to lose a lot of fizz just over one night, but for canned version even without sealing it and leaving it overnight in the fridge, the fizz is still almost the same.

I'm guessing that aluminium seems to be able to "trap" gas better than plastic bottle.

Grab's New Cancellation Policy Take Effect 25 Mar 2019

"What if I cancel because my driver’s not moving, or taking too long to arrive? Will I be charged?
If there’s a need to cancel because your ride’s taking much longer than indicated to arrive, you will not be charged. Just as we’re able to show you your driver’s current location, we have safeguards in place to detect if the driver’s not moving towards you."

This happened to me twice on the same day. I booked Grab and both drivers just go horlan and forced me to cancel on my end, I guess they must have picked up someone on the way to me and decided to let me wait and wait until I cancel. Really bastards, wasted 30 mins of my time.

Anyway I have uninstalled Grab, the point here is they allow their drivers to waste my time, so what safeguards do they have in place for not wasting passenger time?

Now I'm using the Comfort app, one bad thing is if use card have surcharge but it's fine since before I use Grab I also pay by cash so no issue, just that now I keep forgetting …

To Use Cash to Pay HDB Instalment in Apr 2019

So this month will be the last month that I can use my CPF ordinary account savings to pay for my monthly instalment of $721. I think should not have a big impact since I already knew this even before I bought my flat back in 2014 so my planning have always factored this in.

The thing is that I still have $34,933.13 in my OA but I can't use it, this is because the lease on my flat was less than 60 years when I bought it so there is a limit to how much CPF savings I can utilise, so after a certain threshold I must pay by cash.

And don't forget when I bought my flat, my OA was wiped out to $0, so from that time until now my OA still managed to grow.

Anyway next month have to remember to manually pay to HDB, I think there is a late payment charge, these bastards, why is there even a late payment charge on public housing, what if some people really have trouble paying, are they really going to charge these people extra? The current late payment charge is 7.5% per annum by the way.

Simple Dinner

Luncheon meat, egg and veggies. Luncheon goes really well with rice especially fried rice.

Updated Blogger Theme


Yesterday wanted to refresh my blog template because getting so outdated, these days responsive web design is the in thing, at least for SG it is getting more common. SG is quite slow on this aspect, actually responsive web design is not something new, just that SG is slow, you can see some government sites are still non-responsive.

Anyway found that blogger have some new themes and they are responsive. In case you don't know what is responsive, it means that your site can automatically adjust itself to fit into your display device, be it desktop monitor, laptop screen or even tablet and smartphone so that your site will look nicer and cool.

This Two Wings Really Bastard

Their website stated pay $3 more to get a side dish and a drink, so I paid the premium and ordered two sets from foodpanda, end up the sides never arrive, so I paid an additional $6 just for two soft drinks, wtf.

Then report to foodpanda they say cannot reach the store, so they processed a refund for the $6 with cash voucher + 10%, so it's like $6.60 refund. Knn $6.60 to ruin my mood.

Then see the chicken wing even more du lan, knn it's actually one chicken wing cut into two pieces then count as two pieces, like that also can. I cut a $1.80 popiah into two pieces and sell each piece for $1.80 can? Knn this kind of bastard tactics.

Local company some more, owner also look like local some more, wah, this kind of local crooked shop should shut down like right now.

Eh but seriously, maybe I should consider open a popiah store, then I sell on foodpanda, I put One Piece $1, then someone see wah so cheap and order 5 pieces, when deliver to house open up wah really 5 pieces but actual…