Grab's New Cancellation Policy Take Effect 25 Mar 2019

"What if I cancel because my driver’s not moving, or taking too long to arrive? Will I be charged?
If there’s a need to cancel because your ride’s taking much longer than indicated to arrive, you will not be charged. Just as we’re able to show you your driver’s current location, we have safeguards in place to detect if the driver’s not moving towards you."

This happened to me twice on the same day. I booked Grab and both drivers just go horlan and forced me to cancel on my end, I guess they must have picked up someone on the way to me and decided to let me wait and wait until I cancel. Really bastards, wasted 30 mins of my time.

Anyway I have uninstalled Grab, the point here is they allow their drivers to waste my time, so what safeguards do they have in place for not wasting passenger time?

Now I'm using the Comfort app, one bad thing is if use card have surcharge but it's fine since before I use Grab I also pay by cash so no issue, just that now I keep forgetting to pay, yesterday got one taxi uncle yelled at me because I just got off and almost left, he horned me and yelled at me saying I never pay haha, in the end I apologised and told him to keep the change, I think fare was $10.35 I gave him $12.


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