Updated Blogger Theme


Yesterday wanted to refresh my blog template because getting so outdated, these days responsive web design is the in thing, at least for SG it is getting more common. SG is quite slow on this aspect, actually responsive web design is not something new, just that SG is slow, you can see some government sites are still non-responsive.

Anyway found that blogger have some new themes and they are responsive. In case you don't know what is responsive, it means that your site can automatically adjust itself to fit into your display device, be it desktop monitor, laptop screen or even tablet and smartphone so that your site will look nicer and cool.


Anonymous said…
Call me old fashion but I kinda prefer ur previous layout haha, this one the colors abit too much going on and the interface looks quite messy
Haha thanks for the feedback, I also think the same, good thing I have a backup of the previous theme, probably will switch back.

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