To Use Cash to Pay HDB Instalment in Apr 2019

So this month will be the last month that I can use my CPF ordinary account savings to pay for my monthly instalment of $721. I think should not have a big impact since I already knew this even before I bought my flat back in 2014 so my planning have always factored this in.

The thing is that I still have $34,933.13 in my OA but I can't use it, this is because the lease on my flat was less than 60 years when I bought it so there is a limit to how much CPF savings I can utilise, so after a certain threshold I must pay by cash.

And don't forget when I bought my flat, my OA was wiped out to $0, so from that time until now my OA still managed to grow.

Anyway next month have to remember to manually pay to HDB, I think there is a late payment charge, these bastards, why is there even a late payment charge on public housing, what if some people really have trouble paying, are they really going to charge these people extra? The current late payment charge is 7.5% per annum by the way.


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