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Bangkok Trip Cost

Cost for my upcoming trip: To and fro plane tickets for me, wife and baby: S$479.09 Hotel stay: S$102.35 + S$312.92 + S$197.05 = S$612.32 Spending money: going to change S$800 Total: S$1891.41

Comfort Taxi Finally Can Add Credit Card

Today went to see heart doctor with wife and baby, went there taking GrabTaxi, come back want to book but cannot get any taxi at all. So decided to open up the trusty comfort app and saw this new offering, now can add credit card, and if taking the ComfortRide, there is no admin charge; normally if pay by credit card there is a 10% admin charge. Reason why I say trusty is because Comfort no matter at what time or where, can always get a taxi, the availability is just amazing, but have to pay by cash because nobody is going to pay by credit card and get charged additional 10%, but now it has changed. Anyway the ComfortRide is a fixed pricing service, for example if the app quote $12.40, it means regardless of how long it takes, any traffic jam or delay, you still pay $12.40 so there is no benefit to the driver if the trip takes longer than it should be, but can see the pricing is roughly a bit higher but not huge difference, probably a few cents to a dollar, but I guess it is still

Lee Fun Nam Kee - Soya Sauce Chicken Rice

Yesterday went to try this stall, good thing they open on National Day, just trying my luck, well worth the trip, the soya sauce chicken is amazing. A bit pricy but I think it's very good so don't matter much. Forgot to take photo of the dumpling soup though, soup is ok, dumplings were nice. The rice also the defined type not mushy type which suits my palate. Must try. They open at 11 AM. 94 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, #01-04, Singapore 310094

Planning to Take a Holiday Trip

Recently work seems to have slow down a bit, not as busy as previous months, but end of this year I foresee will be super busy again, so want to take this opportunity to go for a holiday. Still haven't decided on where to go but thinking of Hat Yai as we never been there before. A few other ideas running through my mind, maybe I check out the air tickets, see go where cheap then just go haha.