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Ramesh Erramalli "apologised many times"


Looks like the subhuman has apologised to the security officer whom he had berated for no good reason, and the creature "was very remorseful", but I wonder if it would be as remorseful if this incident didn't went viral, nonetheless, being able to display humility is a virtue.

So I guess we don't need to hang it, we can forgive it when it gets fired and deported back to its beloved India so it can give lessons there about its great Indian culture.

Do your part here to send this motherfucker home: Get Ramesh Erramalli fired from JP Morgan Singapore

"In a Facebook post, honorary secretary of the Association Of Certified Security Agencies Gary Haris added that Mr Erramalli had known Mr Heng "quite well" and always addressed him as "uncle Steven". The two have also chatted before when they bumped into each other around the condo, he said."

It appears that the creature personally knows the security officer, addressed him as "uncle …

Ramesh Erramalli, Executive Director at JPM with Fake/Dubious Certs?


The very first line immediately caught my attention:

"Ramesh Erramalli did not graduate with a Bachelor Degree from Hull or any university."

So does this also mean that he does not possess an MBA from University of Hull?

Next, his postgraduate diploma from a Uptron ACL, he probably also bought, oops sorry, attained his degree at this same place.

But regardless, as someone who don't really care about cert, ok la cert is like a key to open a door, the rest depends on the individual, so I only believe in capabilities, paper don't mean anything if one cannot deliver.

Looking at how he spoke in the video, his Indian slang is too heavy, seriously I cannot imagine him with that kind of slang trying to convince anyone, I know of really nasty customers who will tell him off if he comes with that kind of slang, I am serious. I also personally know some India Indians who can speak way better than him, and with the respect and humility that he lacked.

So this kind of stand…

Ramesh Erramalli, Congratulations, You are Officially Infamous

After I saw the video and learned more about the story, I decided to sign the petition to get rid of this stupid Ramesh Dumesh Dumbass, see how it rhymes lol. If you are interested to sign the petition for good riddance, you can click on the link below:

Get Ramesh Erramalli fired from JP Morgan Singapore

So henceforth we shall just call him Dumbass or subhuman. Seriously even a dog knows how to behave and respect people.

So at first I thought it was just another silly video of people arguing over silly things, but after looking at the security officers who remained calm and professional throughout and yet the subhuman continued to berate them, it makes me angry.

Paid $1.5m for the condo but don't want to pay $10 for parking, seriously how cheap can he be. Still want to give lesson about his Indian culture lol, maybe in India you can do this, but now you are in Singapore.

Seriously who let this worse-than-a-dog into our country.

Best part is his employer seems to condone such behavi…

Eyeing the Fiido Q1

I'm comparing Fiido Q1 against the DYU D1, both are pretty popular, but Fiido Q1 looks more comfortable and can carry more load, imagine my wife with daughter + groceries and school bag.

By the way DYU D1 is now $599 at, usual price is $699.

Fiido Q1 is $899 across all sites, looks like it is the standard, hopefully there is an offer coming soon.

I think we might get either the black or white, but most probably black.

Government Say PMD Ban Not Needed Right Now


But I think recently there are quite a number of accidents and even fatal accidents that went on the news, who knows how many others went unreported, doesn't mean it didn't happen because the news didn't cover it.

Reminds me of a friend who works in a particular shipyard, he said there were accidents and even fatal ones that were only known to people who work inside the shipyard, well since the shipyard is a secured area, I guess the company is able to conceal from the public.

Speaking of PMD, my daughter is going to K1 next year and I'm thinking of getting one for wife so she can ferry baby to school. I'm also considering getting a bicycle for myself so maybe some days we can go ride around, I can also exercise a bit at the same time.

When I was younger, like 14+. I used to have a stunt bike, forgot the brand, bought it for S$350+ I think. Me and a couple friends used to ride around, night rides were especially thrilling haha, now older, not sure if I can s…

These Days Even a Stroll is Dangerous

With so many reports on PMD/PAB accidents in the news, when taking my daughter out for walks I have to be extra careful, I will look left, right, back and front, not just on the roads but even in my neighbourhood parks and walkways, actually I find roads to be less dangerous as long as we make use of zebra/pedestrian/overhead crossings, real danger are parks and walkways.
And not just PMD/PAB, cyclists can be going too fast sometimes, even when there is a dismount and push sign, these riders just speed past anyway, I thought it's illegal to ride where there are such signs but they do it anyway. I wonder how effective these signs are when there are no enforcement, well I haven't never seen any enforcement in my area ever, not in the 5+ years I have stayed here, yeah occasionally there will be police patrol car driving up and go one round and that's it. Pigeon feeding too, if we don't get killed by these riders maybe some day we will get poisoned to death by pigeon dropp…

Menya Musashi 04 Oct 2019

I added 2 more half eggs for only $1.00 i.e. $0.50 each. This is good, and one more good thing is the price shown on the ipad is already inclusive of the service charge and GST so what you see is what you pay, more shops should adopt this.