About Us

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Who am I?

I am a Singaporean born in 1983 and I work in the IT industry doing software maintenance and development.

My wife?

She is from Udon Thani, Thailand, she was born in 1986 and she is a housewife.

How long have we been married?

I married her in Sep 2010.

How did I meet her?

I met her at MBK Shopping Centre in Bangkok during a holiday trip in 2009 with my friends, she was working as a t-shirt salesperson, I bought some t-shirts from her and I thought I might as well get her number, and then we remained in contact ever since.

How did we remain in contact before marriage?

I called her everyday using callback card, it was the cheapest way to call overseas. I used Phoenix callback card. Now my wife also use the same card to call home.

Did my parents object to our marriage?

My parents and sister were initially very supportive but unfortunately good things don't usually last long, cracks in the family relationship started to appear, my mom and sister started to dislike my wife and vice-versa, my father is the super easy-going type so he is the one with the most headaches as he was always sandwiched. I can only say it's not easy for people with differing preferences to live together.

Is she working?

Nope, and I don't want her to work because her heart is not strong like normal people as she had a heart surgery to replace an infected valve, she gets tired quite easily, working is not easy, you need to travel, you need to deliver your duty, it can be stressful, all for money that we don't need. My salary is more than enough to support the both of us and we can still save money, so it's not necessary for her to work, another point of view is that she can take care of the house and baby while I bring in the money.

Where are we living?

We are living in a 2-room resale flat that I bought in May 2014, previously we were living with my parents.

Does she have PR?

Her PR was approved in Jul 2014, she got her blue card in Aug 2014. That was our second try. First try was in mid 2011 and rejected with no reason given.

Where do you plan to retire?

That's a tough question for me now but it really depends on how much I can save for our retirement, Singapore is not a good place for retirement due to the high costs, I am looking at retiring in my wife's hometown, the costs there are so much lower. I will probably assess myself again when I am 35, right now my plan is to save as much cash as possible and put in a good investment.

Do we have any children?

We have one beautiful daughter born in Singapore's Golden Jubilee.

Baby eating ice cream

Baby choosing sunglass

Look at that scar!

Baby in NUH for heart surgery

Baby eating ice cream

Baby standing

Baby riding some sort of vehicle

Baby riding horse

Baby drinking milk


Happy Baby ;)


Oh yeah!


Anonymous said…
Hi, I am looking at getting married to a thai. i was told that both have to come from clean background? is there any email that i can communicate with you privately?
Anonymous said…
I read your very unique blog with great interest. Was most impressed by the clarity you had towards the life goals stipulated in your 5-year plan. Also have to commend you on the great job amassing your stocks portfolio. Im almost the same age as you and work in a big bank in a big role but yet I feel I have much to learn from guys like you. I wish you the best of luck in your investments and life in general. -D
Hey, thanks for visiting, and I really appreciate your compliments, now I feel more motivated!
Anonymous said…
Hi happen to surf accidentally into your site. I use to have a thai gf but we broke up. Really admire you . Please take care and susu!
Sorry to hear about that, thanks and you take care too!
Anonymous said…
first of all, kudos to you, for having an open mind on this issue, and your willingness to share.

having a long distance relationship isn't easy, and trying to bring both of you together are even more difficult.

im 27 to be this year, and looking to have a thai partner as well. nice to drop by your site. ^^
Hi, thanks for visiting, wish you the best in your search!
Anonymous said…

I was doing a google search for renew of passport and I came across your blog somehow.

Anyway, just read your blog briefly and am I right to say your wife is from esan ( udon thani ) ?

you can speak esan with her?

just casually asking how you communicate with your wife.

I am mixed , father singapore and mother is from thailand. My dream is to have a thai wife but yet find a thai girl who can capture my heart yet. I have dated a handful of thai girls but I dont really love them at all. Just fuck and throw that kind. But they really treat me like a king.

I think the infomation on your blog will come in handy when I find my thai wife.

Thanks and really like your 5 year plan. Very realistic and feasible target your have set for yourself.

Yes she is from Udon Thani and I can't speak Thai ;) but we communicate in English and she picked up a little bit of Mandarin while staying in Singapore.

Glad you find this place useful, wish you the best in finding that right girl, happy CNY!
Anonymous said…
hi bro,

My wife is foreigner too.Have your wife gotten her PR?Im booking an appointment for my wife to apply PR.Would you like to share your experience on her PR application?

Not yet, submitted last Oct and still pending.

When you go for the appointment, just make sure you bring along whatever document they stated in the list, next is wait ;)

By the way this is my wife's second try, hope successful!

Wish you the best and Happy Chinese New Year!
Anonymous said…
hi bro,

happy new year to you.
your wife pr 1st try,your income is how much?if you dont mind me asking.

PR application unsuccessful got affect her ltvp pass?

Gov so fuck up leh,let in flood of useless PR in and prevent family like us from applying pr for spouse.
Anonymous said…
by the way,pr application take how long to process?

It's ok, for first PR, my income was $2850. And PR is separate from LTVP, will not affect. Anyway that time I submitted during 2011 GE, think somehow it affected the application I guess.

Haha, I also wonder sometimes, I see whole family of foreigner can get PR and LTVP, my wife apply they reject without giving any reason, puzzling huh, but I hope this time can get through, if not I'll probably look for my MP.
Anonymous said…
ok,good luck to your application.
im applying ltvp 1st then PR for her.
i had been researching and understanding for couple of years.

1.They change assesment criterial quite frequently.
2.Your income is important point.But stand prehap at no.3 status.
3.Yor number of years of marriage is believe to be top 5 criterial too.Due to some stupid moron get married to foreigner to earn cash.
4.Your wife profession is also a due point which i believe it play a part.Due to our fellow bro/sis crying out loud for too many foreigner in sg when election time.If she do work in sg and contribute to the economy in certain way,it do help.
5.Lastly if you have 2 million SGD spare cash.YOUR WIFE DEFINITELY CAN GET PR IMMEDIATELY.

Hope my research do help u in certain way.Good luck in this 2nd try.Share too at your blog if successful.: )

do you have facebook?maybe we can keep in touch there and share experience during the ica endeavour.
Haha, good listing there, money is indeed king in $ingapore ;)

You can drop me a mail then I'll pass you my facebook, prefer not to disclose it here!
LittleLamb said…

My wife from udon thani as well. Pr application rejected. Cant even get ltvp+ after 2years. We both plan for her to get a job here so that we can buy a plot of land in thai for our retirement. My income range is about same as yours. What i know that its not easy but definately worth it. Its good to know there are guys like myself out there when i was going through your monthly expenses. Keep it up. Good luck with your plans for kids.
Hi LittleLamb,

My wife got her ltvp+ recently, realized the only good thing about it is no need every year renew, go polyclinic see doctor also no discount. Anyway we waiting for her PR, hope can get it.

I'll always be around here, anything can drop me a comment or email ;)

And wish you the best too!
Anonymous said…

just to check. after both you and your wife got ROM.

She is definitely issued with LTVP? Will there be any chance of her getting LTVP+ ?

Please advise.

Thanks bro.

LTVP depends, you will need to submit application to ICA with the documents that they require, income information, cpf contribution history, her educational cert and etc, but as long as the sponsor i.e. the Singaporean spouse has a stable employment with regular income, should be fine.

She will get LTVP+ only if you have children or you married for at least 3 years. So for couples without children, first time apply should be the normal LTVP.
LittleLamb said…
It took 7 mths and 2 rejections before my wife got her first LTVP which lasted 6 mths. So just be prepared that your spouse might not be able to live with you after ROM
Hey, how did you your thai wife? through a marriage agency?
Hi Shawn,

I met her in Bangkok at MBK ;)

Sometimes got to be daring haha.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Saw your blog after googling for DBS Vickers commissions. I would like to get started in investments and opening an account with DBS Vickers since i have a DBS bank account.

I have started reading a few books on investments and roughly know how a stock market works, buying and selling stocks. However, I am still unsure if there is any minute terms/condition that I am should be aware of. E.g. fees, taxes and commissions.

Do you know of anyway that can help me in that? I really don't know where to start

You can check out the stickies here,

That should get you started!
Anonymous said…

Really liked your blog. Well aware your long waiting agony especially our gulf-ment don't really like LOS girls. Can feel your effort to keep your wife together.

By the way, u know if applying work permit previously in Singapore reduces the chance of a LTVP?

If she used to be a work permit holder, please remember to seek MOM approval before you ROM, as for LTVP, it's up to ICA to decide, but I think shouldn't be a problem if you have a stable job or steady stream of income to prove that you can support her in Singapore.
Miss Milkkokoz said…
i'm thai girl.
i have sg boyfriend before. and it not work for me.
cause we have long relationship and he cheat on me.
i found your blog when i search thing for reading.
i really happy to see nice couple as you all. fighting ^__^
Hi Milkkokoz,

Sorry to hear about that, I'm sure you will find someone more worthy for you, some people want girlfriend but cannot find, your boyfriend have but don't know to cherish.

And thanks for visiting and for your kind words :)
Marcuz Ong said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcuz Ong said…
Hi admin, I've read your blog and really respect that determination and being so helpful to others on issues relating to marrying a thai wife to flat purchase and of course child plans. Kudos... I'm facing the similar scenario as you are but it's just beginning as my wife and I just got married last week after a difficult 3 years of long distance relationship. I've just submitted my documents to ICA for the LTVP application, documens include-copies of passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, my ID. Original copy of-employment letter.CPF contributions last 12 months, income tax last 3 years. Form 14 and form v234 duly filled and submitted together with above mentioned documents. The 1 thing I'm unsure is the medical test that was highlighted, because they did not ask of any form of test reports from me or was mine a primary stage of LTVP application or that ICA changed some ruling on LTVP?
Usually first application will be required to go for checkup, maybe your spouse has already done so? Was she on work pass here? From what I know, if she has submitted a medical report to MOM or ICA within 2 years, then she is not required to checkup again.
Marcuz Ong said…
Thanks for the reply, she not on any permit previously and we've just received another mail from ica specificed date and time with required documents including form 14, de card, photo and only copy of passport. This mail also includes her FIN no. stating G........L I wonder will this time be her confirmation appt.
I see, that's something new, anyway best of luck!
Anonymous said…
Hi i have a qn. My thai gf is currently in pattaya and i know that we have to get married first before applying for LTVP. So can i do the rom over in singapore? or getting married in thailand is okay also?
Both also can, entirely up to you, but most important thing is you need to have a legal marriage i.e. with marriage certificate in order to apply for LTVP.
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Anonymous said…
Hi bro. I read your blog and am really impressed by your efforts to make it happen for both of you.
I have a thai gf and need your advice on something. I intend to bring my thai gf to sg for cny holidays. She hasn't been to sg before. I have heard of immigration denying thai ladies entry into singapore and deport them back to thailand. Is there anything that i could do to ensure a smooth entry for her into sg? Can she stay at my home or she has to stay in a hotel?
Thanks in advance bro.

Thanks for visiting!

Yep, it's been a long way since I first met her in 2009.

I think first time should be fine, if every one to two months come then might have problem.

The only thing you can do is wait for her at the airport, and make sure she has a SG sim card or maybe Thai roaming if they have such service so she can call you if she is in trouble. Just tell her no need to be nervous, it's just a holiday trip to visit boyfriend and she can stay at your home or at a hotel.

I think most got into trouble because they became too nervous and cannot answer the officer questions, just be calm, if do nothing wrong no need to be afraid.
Dave said…
Hi admin, i have some qn too.I understand that during apply for long term pass online, i have to submit the ICA - Disembarkation / Embarkation Card number.And wait for 4-6 week to submit the actual document personally to ICA.During the 4-6 week period, is my wife allow to go oversea before the actual submission of original document date ? Because once she leave singapore they will collect back the white card. And i need your advise too, should i try apply ltvp & PR together ? Because currently she's pregnant too. Or should i wait till my child born then apply for PR?
Hi Dave,

I think better check with ICA, I doubt they can stop her from leaving, if it's for urgent issue then no choice, but if non-urgent, I suggest to stay here first, in the end it's probably no big issue.

You can try to apply both at the same time, but I think the PR will be rejected, I don't think they will grant both at the LTVP and then shortly the PR, just wait about 1-2 years before trying.
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

Just saw your blog a few days ago and its really detailed and I'm glad there are so many ways that you've provided for guys like me who have intention to settle down in sg with a foreign gf!

Good blog!
Thanks and best of luck!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your very detailed blog, my wife is Chinese (we met on my assignment in China) and she was lucky enough to just get her PR in-principle approval!

I will look forward to your experience-sharing as a senior in life.
You are welcome, and congratulations on your wife getting PR!
Anonymous said…
Hi there, just want to say thank you very much for your help on my queries, my Thai wife has obtained LTVP and has been staying here since 28 Nov'14, approximately 2 months.

Initially when i came upon your blog in search of answers from you, i didnt really read your blog in detail, however after reading thoroughly the last few days,I'm really impressed with your down-to-earth sensibility in dealing with any issues.

I'm a late starter too, I'm 40 and just got married,I'm a simple average Joe like you, have no degree(a disadvantage) but just manage to live by...is going to be tough after marriage but after reading your blog i think it is important to stay positive all the time and i guess i have to learn from you too ;)

I will always keep up with your blog and will drop you email soon on queries too . Thanks again bro and keep it up ! ----- Mr 40

Hi Mr 40,

Glad you find my blog useful, if you have anything you need to ask, feel free and I will try my best to answer.

Best of luck to you!
kaiser said…
Got a question on LTVP.... got an appointment in the next coming week. They state they need a translation on the documents to english by approved translator, did you get your document translated? if yes, where do i find them ? ICA? Thanks in advance.
Hi Kaiser,

You need to get a certified translator, you can find one at Golden Mile complex level 2. After translation, you need to get it certified at Thai embassy.

You can check out this link for more info:
SingViet said…
Good day sir, i wanna share my story n same time seek advices from here.. I'm a security officer earning below $2000, juz got ROM last December to my foreigner wife, then early JAN, i applied LTVP onln. In 04wks time, i received email stated the necessary documents to bring to ICA by a given date. During the waiting time, my wife left Singapore due to urgent family matter, so on that day, i went to ICA to submit documents without her original passport n DE card, instead, the officer gave a blank paper for me to state date n time of my wife's departure n future arrival again, n also the reasons leaving... I went ICA in the morning, n quick enough in the evening, i received email stated my application has been REJECTED without reason given!! Now i'm going to apply 2nd time in April, as the social visa for her is 30days, am i suppose to extend it straight after applying LTVP online, or wait awhile, say after 15days.. btw, she've juz got pregnant, must she be examined by Singapore registered doctor again? Thks for reading my long story...
Hi SingViet,

First make sure her family issues are settled so she can be here for the appointment, don't give ICA a chance to reject her application.

And starting this year there are some changes to the LTVP application process, better to call ICA to confirm because if you never go through the pre-marriage assessment, you may need to wait up to 6 months for the LTVP. Thing is I'm not sure whether it applies to you since you married before this new thing kicked in. Best is to call them before you make any plans.
SingViet said…
Hi sir, thks for the quick reply. I'd checked ICA website regarding pre-marriage assessment, lucky for me to get married in DEC 2014, as the programme is for unmarried couple after 1st JAN. As for the extend of visa, pls advice me the correct way to do it... thks alot.
Hi SingViet,

Haha, lucky, if not I cannot imagine having to wait 6 months, simply ridiculous.

Anyway if based on the old system, you bring her to SG first, once she has the DE card and all the required documents (translated if necessary), you apply online for her. Don't worry about the 30 days, around 2-3 days before expiry, just bring her down to ICA to extend, but make sure this time she is around for the appointment or when ICA wishes to interview both of you.

Best of luck!
SingViet said…
Yes sir, i got it! One more quiry, as i mentioned early, she've juz got pregnant, must she be examined by Singapore registered doctor again? Bcos i believe ICA needs the document of pregnancy n delivery date... I hope this time we can make it!!
Hi SingViet,

You have to know her first day of her last period, the gynae will ask you this when you go consultation. Depends on where you want to follow up, my wife is seeing gynae at NUH, you can ask for the document stating her estimated date of delivery. By the way no need to get referral letter since she will be charged foreigner rate.
mcrider said…
Hi there.

I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to see a positive and optimist website about thai women for once.

I am a 28 year old currently dating a 21 year old thai female from chaiyaphum. We started off last december when i went on bike tour to chiang mai. Along the way i made thai friends and thats where i met her. A very nice and homely girl. its a very long story. I may share it with you privately. But for now i am looking for advice on my next step. I am maintaining LDR with her through regular videocalls and texting. I send her parcels from time to time too. She has never been to sg and it is her wish to come and visit me on her birthday; this november. I plan to take her on a personal tour in sg myself.

Honestly, I am a novice at best when it comes to matters of the heart, but somethibg tells me she might just be the one. Right now i am future planning with her. She agreed to take english classes and get a recognised cert In her hometown. It is my first step to help her get truely conversational in english so as to facilitate her coming to singapore and hopefully getting integrated here in the near future. i am abit sullen ofcourse after hearing about how harsh our government is to its own citizens when it comes to foreign spouses. If possible, I would like to seek in you, a mentor to motivate me to overcome this huge obstacle through to the end, for this i would offer my endless respect and friendship
Hi mcrider,

I can totally understand how you feel, just don't take those people seriously, most important thing is you know what you want, whether good or bad you have to decide, not them.

I agree our government is harsh towards some foreign spouses, but not all, mainly they will look at the sponsor's employment and income which is you, let's just say they want to make sure we can afford to take care of our wife, and your job is to prove to them you can.

As long as you have a stable job with regular income, I believe it should not be too much of a problem, don't forget once she get her long-term pass, she can also work here.

If you have any doubts, feel free to email me.
Dear Friends and Bro,

I need advice and opinion on the following:-

I am a male Singaporean married to a Thai, we went through customary marriage in her hometown, we have been married for 11 years now, I have been working in the region over these years... recently, I have been thinking and planning to come back to Singapore with my Thai wife and I am not sure how to apply for her to stay with me in Singapore for long period, my wife is a housewife, so my point is what type of Visa for my wife and can I apply for a HDB flat? I would maybe need to also look for a job in Singapore.

Would appreciate any offer of opinion suggestion and advice.

Have a nice day!

Thank you!

Best regards
Hi HL,

Let's start with the important parts.

1. Marriage certificate

You would need a marriage certificate when you apply for her long-term stay in Singapore. I hope your customary marriage comes with one such document because it is quite common for people in Thailand to get married without registering it legally. Anyway you can register at Singapore's ROM. This is a very important document if your intention is to stay with her in Singapore for long period.

2. Job

Before ICA can approve her long-term stay in Singapore, you would need to prove that you can support her as you will be her sponsor, especially since she is a housewife, so a job is also another very important thing you need to work on. Safer to secure a job before moving over.

3. Immigration Pass

Thai nationals do not need Visa to enter and stay in Singapore. As a Singaporean, you may apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass for your foreign spouse. This pass is renewable yearly.

If you can prove that you are indeed married for 11 years (with the official marriage certificate), she may be granted the LTVP+ which allows her to stay for even longer period.

There is no separate application, just submit for LTVP and ICA will decide which one to give. You can do so online at this link: https://ltpass.ica.gov.sg/eltsvp/main.do

4. Housing

As your wife is considered a foreigner, both of you can apply for resale flats (old flats), these are market-valued so they are much more expensive, those with good location can be even more expensive, but check out www.propertyguru.com.sg for a rough idea on the pricing, also check out this tool from the housing board, this gives you a much clearer picture on the pricing: http://services2.hdb.gov.sg/webapp/BB33RTIS/BB33PReslTrans.jsp

If you do not have children, you can consider applying for 2-room BTO (new flats), these are much lower in pricing but they are non-mature estates so amenities can be limited, location can also be quite inconvenient.

Hope I clear your doubts, feel free to email me or reply here if you have any more questions.

Best of luck!
tukkata tuk said…
i am thai. since when your women from Isaan or Northeast part of thailand (Udonthanee) are thai ethic women? our thai kings never married any women from Isaan or any Isaan woman. thais conquerred that part (larger than england) from loas, and this part of land was once also colonized by khmer. people in that part have never been any ruling race.
White people in thailand are decendants of Dai/Tai race of altai mountains, and white mon-khmer, not chinese blood. chinese are darker than these white race. our northern thais have super light skin, ligher than chinese in general and they are descendants of Dai/Tai Race. our thai kings are direct descendant of white mon-khmer and white dai/tai race. thai chinese are generally dark because chinese men were rejected by white thai women and had to marry blacks.
Hi tuk,

I'm not quite sure what you are getting at...
Anonymous said…
hi marrythai girls

i am planning to rom with my gf soon... ive read online that they need a 3yr income tax prove..
my situation is that for the first yr my income was about 50+k then i had some issues and stopped working for 1 yr worked part time.on and off and then this year i had a stable job since dec @2.4k per
month.. is it an issue to apply for her ltvp?

called up rom and they say that all we need is her passport.. she has not been married before but have 3 kids under her name... will it be a problem in applying the ltvp?

i miss her very much and we maintain our ldr by talking everyday all day long.. im afraid of asking her to come in to singapore as customs always reject girls back with no reason and i dont want to leave a bad mark on her if she gets rejected..

please give me some advices... cannot stand the agony of nt being side by side..

Income tax you just need to provide whatever you have but I think nowadays you can just let them do the checking so you don't have to submit your tax returns.

And what is important is you have a stable job with regular income, 2.4k per month shouldn't be a problem.

As for her 3 kids, I think if you want to bring them to SG for long-term stay it will be very difficult, but if only her, then I think should be ok.

If you buy return ticket for her I think should be ok, but if she keep coming back and forth then they might reject her entry. Or you can visit her instead.

Best of luck!
Muhd Badrul said…
Hey! I came across your blog when i was researching on ICA iCollect, then i saw this interesting post about stocks, Man how do you manage to understand stocks? I been studying finance for 2 years and i still don't get about stocks. Is there a link or trick to understanding it? I would appreciate your help though. Btw congratz on having a baby! :D
Hi Muhd Badrul,


Well I'm no expert but I have made some small profits which is better than putting my money in the bank, but everybody have different goals, first you need to know what you expect out of trading, for me I just want to beat inflation, so if I can get 4-5% return a year it's good enough. But some people they want to do trading for a living, that one is totally different level, it's about experience and guts and probably some other stuff which I have not yet know about.

For a start, you can go to this link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/stocks-shares-indices-92/how-open-stock-trading-account-singapore-updated-2015-a-3628498.html

After that, trade safely, you can start by picking a few stocks that you are interested in and monitor their movement for some time, in the meantime find out more about their business before you commence trading.

Personally I monitor stocks such as Singtel, Starhub, M1, Vicom, DBS, CDL Htrust and a few other stocks, I follow their price and news and announcements, if I see that their price is low, I will buy, I only long, I never short, long as in buy and keep, but it depends, if I need money I will sell, for example this year I expecting baby so I sold all my stocks, end up no use for the money since all covered by my Medisave haha.
Anonymous said…
Hi everyone,

I am also married with a Thai and I just want to share my experience here. I got married in 2013 and my wife is from Khon Kaen.

Regarding the translation of documents from Thai to English, my wife did it herself. I believe there are templates for the various documents which my wife found on some Thai forum. She did the translation herself and we got them certified at Thai embassy.

If anyone here needs any help, feel free to contact me at m3rcurial@hotmail.com

Jerome Chua said…
Hi bro,

Firstly i like to give you my respect and admiration on your determination and preserverence on making your marriage blossom. Very nice to see something so positive and encouraging especially with so many social stigmas against the marriage of thai spouses.

I would like to however seek your kind advice and opinion on a couple of matters:-

1. How much is considered enough to marry my gf and reside in Singapore? Also factoring in the customary financial obligations that I have to pay to the brides family, how does this affect how much do I need to save for our marriage?

2. Is registering our marriage in Singapore suffice or is there a requirement to have a legally certified marriage cert before we can register our marriage in Singapore?

Thanks in advance

Hi Jerome,

Thanks for the kind words.

How much money needed depends, for my case I didn't have any wedding ceremony, just ROM and then had a simple dinner at wife's hometown so didn't spend much. As for the sinsod, I agreed to pay 300,000 Thai Baht.

You can just ROM in Singapore, they will give you the marriage certificate on the day of solemnization. You can also choose to register your marriage in Thailand, it is also recognized in Singapore.

Best of luck!
Nayan Goh said…
you has a lovely daughter.
Han said…
I was looking for DBS Vickers rate and chance upon your blog. Happily attached with a beautiful poo yin thai too, guess Thai girls have a way to make our heart settle down and really plan for the future huh.

Anyway, thanks for your blog, I had been feeling really lonely and stressed up over the issue of migration for my lady, now I feel a wee bit better.

My lady is more towards the pessimist type, and worry a lot, so I have to keep things optimistic for us, but, I would want to be realistic on my part to prevent motivating my lady an overly beautiful picture..

If you don't mind, I would love to chat with you privately, my email is h_han88@hotmail.com.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Nayan Goh,


Hi Han,

You can email me anytime.
Anonymous said…
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Kevin Ong said…
Hi ,
i registered marriage with my thai wife in thailand and we have one son. i thought of bringing my son alone to stay in singapore with me because we are going to divorced and she is reluctant to take care of my son any idea what must i do with all the neccessary documents
Hi Kevin,

Sorry to hear of your situation but as long as she is willing to give him up, the rest should be pretty straightforward.

I assume your son is not Singaporean nor PR, otherwise you wouldn't be asking, so I guess he is a foreigner. And you are Singaporean or PR right?

If yes, you can apply LTVP for him, you can refer to this link for details: http://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=176&secid=171

Best of luck!
Kevin Ong said…
Hi ,
thanks for your information but i need to know what must i do in thailand example any document to submit or endorsed in thai MFA or singapore embassy before bringing my son over to singapore to apply for LTVP
Hi Kevin,

The only thing you need to do in Thailand is to settle your divorce since you registered your marriage over there, but then it depends on whether you want to settle divorce first or bring your son over first.

Either way, if you bring him over first, you make sure you bring your marriage cert, if you settle divorce first, then you need your divorce papers and in the meantime you need to arrange someone to look after him.

As long as you have the documents stated in the link that I provided, most likely your son can get LTVP and stay in SG with you.

I guess for your situation I would bring him over first and settle divorce later.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bro,

Good day to you.

May i ask you if u happen to know if i were to sign the marriage paper in Thailand, when returning to Singapore, do i need to sign again at the ROM?
Will they have my record that i signed in Thailand?

Hi Jason,

Singapore ROM won't have your Thailand marriage record, but it is recognized in SG should you need to apply LTVP or PR for your spouse, just need to translate and then get certified by Thai embassy.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bro,

Thank you for the reply. While reading your blog, it makes me so envious and happy on your beautiful marriage. I hope next time mine will be like yours.

Hi Jason,

I believe good things will come as long as one is willing to put in effort.

I wish you the best!
KAI said…
Hi Bro, need ur thoughts. If I were to marry foreign, apply LTVP or apply PR straightaway? which is better

You can try applying both at the same time, but usually PR not so easy to get, but no harm trying.
Jonas Tan said…
hi bro,

i stumbled upon your blog unexpectedly, and i must say i envy and respect your perseverance in making things work out for you both. i have a thai gf that i have been with close to a year now. we are planning to get married next year. unlike many, i would wish to stay over in thailand rather than here(sg).. will it be diffcult to find a job over there? i have a diploma in digi marketing.. and what are the chances of me getting a PR status over there? im looking forward to living in thailand for the rest of my life, so i hope you are able to advise and give me some guidance on what to do..

thank you bro!
Hi Jonas,

Job-wise I think if you can read, write and speak Thai, should be much easier to get.

Before you can get PR, you need to hold their non-immigrant visa for 3 years.

You can find more details here:


I also wish to live in Thailand, but I cannot get the kind of salary that I am getting now, most probably I will retire there, but work there? No.
hong guan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said…
Hi bro,

Your blog is like a great source of motivation for guys like us marrying foreign spouses. I am getting married to one soon too, and everyday worrying about what lies ahead i.e. finances, jobs, LTVP etc. But reading abt your journey has made me more hopeful of overcoming the difficulties.
Thank you so much! Will e-mail you for chitchat if I need some advice :)
Hi John,

Glad you find my blog helpful.

Having a foreign spouse is not very easy in SG, but once you plan everything ahead it should be less if a headache. I went through the same thing so I think it is good to share.

Anyway all the best!
Anonymous said…
Hi admin,

I m searching info about marry Singaporean and Singaporean marry Thai and I found this blog.
First of all please pass my best wishes to your baby and your wife. Hope they have healthy heart now. Sorry for my English. I m in relationship with my BF almost 3 years. We met in Bangkok on the day i was participating in the traditional football match near MBK. He kept coming to see me in BKK, met parents a few time, but now he has to concentrate on work and want me to live in Singapore. He openly told me his parents were shocked knowing that he will marry me. I met his family and stayed with his parents and elder sis the second time in Singapore for 2 weeks. I admit i'm so worry about this and quit job etc. He promises to find a flat for only us. Im fine with his family and don't want this to trouble and bother him. I will do my best.

Wish you all the best.

Thanks for the well-wishing ;)

I think it's not easy to live with a new family, my wife also had issues, in the end we bought our own flat just so that we can live in peace.

Don't worry, things will straighten out as you go along.

All the best!
Rendall Koh said…
Hopefully, my case wont be so complicated. But Im glad you get to sort out your issue well:)
Thanks, I'm sure things will turn out well for you ;)
Chris said…

I stumbled upon your blog when doing a Google search, and I like what you and your wife have. It's very sweet, and I hope you're both happy and well, with your beautiful daughter :)

For me, I've been having a Thai GF for about 3 months already, but I'm so afraid that it will not last, because I'm not sure how often we will get to see each other physically, since we're both rather busy right now in our respective countries.

So I was wondering... Do you think texting and calling each other is sufficient to maintain a such a long-term relationship? Or should we do something to meet each other every few weeks/months to keep it alive and well? In your case, what did you do to maintain the relationship? I can see you called her every day, which is what I try to do as well :)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the well wishes :)

For me other than keeping in contact daily, either I visit her or she visit me every 2-3 months, I paid for her expenses to come over though so that time my finances were very tight. Usually I try to plan with long weekends so it doesn't affect my work.

But nowadays with video calls such as whatsapp, I think it might be very helpful, but meeting up is still the best, if I get to do it again, I will definitely go over or bring her over whenever I can.

All the best!
Chris said…
Thank you so much for the quick reply, it really means a lot! I hope to bring her over to SG soon, and I'll take your advice and do meet-ups whenever possible. :)

Oh, and I hope your wife and child are enjoying the festivities in TH now~ It's now Songkran, and I wish all Thais a very happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Hi marrythaigirlsingapore,

thank you for providing information and sharing about your experiences so that us with foreign spouse can have something to refer to.

may i enquire what is the highest education qualification your wife have? i heard rumours that application for PR is also dependent on the applicant's qualifications

My wife have upper secondary education in Thailand.

Yes when you submit application for her they will ask for her education cert, but then if you are the sponsor then I don't think it matters much, more likely they are more concerned with your education level instead.
Eddie Miss said…
Thanks for the sharing.

Did you send your wife to attend english classes? How would you rate her English proficiency?

Are you communicating with her in thai or english?

Last question, any idea what is the salary benchmark for being a sponsor for ltvp or pr?
No never send her for class. I think from 1 to 5, probably 2, with 5 being very proficient.

I talk to her in English.

The salary criteria is not published, but I guess between 1.5k to 2k, but that's during my time in 2010, now not sure.
Anonymous said…
Hey Bro,

For the LTVP application, i noticed that the applicant(Thai spouse) needs to submit their highest education certificate.

Can you advise if this certificate needs to be translated and endorsed by the embassy?

If it is not in English, then yes, need to translate and endorsed by embassy.
Desmond said…
Hi bro,

Thank you for the informative and detailed blog there. I have learnt a lot from reading the guides and your own experience throughout your journey with your wife and daughter thus far. Recently, I got married with my wife who is also a Thai and also just gotten in principle approval for her LTVP application. One of the documents required is my employment letter (dated within one month of appointment with ICA). Can I check if previously was this one of the requirement when you submit LTVP for your wife few years ago? I am hesitant to contact my HR to produce another employment letter of mine just for the date to be sighted for ICA. Any advice pls? Thanks in advance.
Hi Desmond,

Yes, in 2010 they asked for my latest employment letter, but I think that time don't have the dated within one month requirement. So that time I just gave them the latest one that I had which was way more than one month old.

The only time I approached my HR for an employment letter dated within one month was when I applied PR for my wife.

Or maybe you can try calling ICA to confirm, maybe it's a new requirement.
Desmond said…
Hi bro, thanks for the fast response. Ok, I rather not call ICA, don't want them knowing that I called and asked something that is already stated clearly in the document. haha. I guess I will ask my HR to prepare another set of employment letter dated within one month of my appointment with ICA then. On a side note, just to share with everyone that the processing time of my in principle approval for LTVP for my wife was very fast, it only took 4 working days. But to note that I had my pre-marriage LTVP approved few months ago. The PMLV took much longer of 5 weeks for approval.

Thank you!
Hi Desmond,

Wow 4 days is super fast, anyway always no harm to give them exactly what they asked for.

All the best!
Tip said…
Hi Bro,

Thanks for sharing your blog. You have a beautiful family and your daughter is so adorable.

After reading and seeing this make me so happy for you.

Really hope one day I be like you can marry a thai wife and have a happy family. Though I am still searching and hoping one day fate is on me.. haha

Good luck bro. And may all things be well for you and your family.

Hi Tip,

Thanks, wish all the good things for you :)
Desmond said…
Hi bro,

I am so glad, finally my wife's LTVP got approved and received the ID card. Was fortunate that ICA gave her LTVP+ as it would certainly help me by cutting down on her delivery expenses in Singapore. One less problem to stress at the very least. :)

Congratulations! Yeah it will help a lot with delivery, I think can get same amount of subsidies as PR, so if bill is $5k, probably need to pay slightly less than half of that.
warren wong said…
Lucky bro yr wife got pr.mine after 10yrs now 2nd time to apply.and after 8months still pending...

Was thinking to apply bto 2rm instead of waiting on.

any suggestion?How to PM you privately?

May you and your family be blessed and protected with good healthy and happiness.
Hi warren,

You can email me, see under the Contact.
Brian said…
Hi sir, does submission of documents equalvent to in principal approval ? On the day of submission do I have to be present or my wife can just go alone .
Hi Brian,

Submission of documents does not mean approval, still need to wait. I think you are referring to LTVP. Submission day the foreign spouse need to be present to collect the LTVP card, don't think ICA allow collect on behalf.
Thanks, nice site you have there.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bro

Can i check do you happen to know that if my thai girlfriend inform that her details were previously submmitted by her boss to SG for sex worker but she eventually she didnt accept the job.

Will there be any implication of her coming to SG and eventually marrying her and applying for LTVP and PR.


From the above link seems like sex worker also need a work permit. In SG if you want to marry a work permit holder or former work permit holder, you have to seek MOM approval.

You can check out this link: http://www.mom.gov.sg/faq/foreign-worker/as-a-work-permit-holder-how-do-i-apply-for-approval-to-marry-a-singaporean-or-permanent-resident

But if she can confirm that she never held a work permit in SG before then should be fine.
Wallace said…
Came across your blog. I'm actually looking for a Thai wife too but having trouble knowing any. I just tried those dating sites but no results yet. Maybe I should visit bkk more often n try to talk to those normal Working girls must like you did. Lol
Hi Wallace,

Yeah, thai people are generally very friendly so it is easy to start a conversation, you should also explore rural areas too if you have the chance, my wife is from rural area, people there are even friendlier because life is simple, less care about material stuff, extremely hospitable.

All the best!
Wallace said…
My Thai is only elementary so its tough for me to venture there. I used to have one but her life's secret too complicated for me so I have to let go.

I find rural area girls more family type and less material too but its not easy to know one in bkk especially
Wan Sin Tou said…
Hi there I noticed your girl seems to have strabismus (crossed eye), you may want to bring her to the eye doctor for a check. My daughter has this condition too that's why I tend to observe the eyes whenever I see pictures of kids. Hope you dun mind me being too kepo haha.
Hi Wan,

No problem at all, actually I appreciate your concern, some parent might not notice if no one tell them. So far my daughter has been following up with polyclinic and pediatrician at NUH, they check her overall well-being, also checked her eyes, so far so good. Only thing is she is a bit overweight haha.
Luc said…
Hey came across this wonderful blog of yours. I too am in a relationship with a thai girl. She is a degree holder and is thinking of working in Singapore.

Based on your experience with applying PR for your wife, how would you suggest/advise us if we were to get married here in SG? Like would should we apply for first?

Thank you.
Hi Luc,

Since she has a degree, she can try to apply for a job in SG, if she is able to get S Pass or EP, then she will be able to stay in SG by her own merit, and also S Pass and EP holders do not require MOM approval to get married whereas Work Permit holder is required.

S Pass Eligibity - https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits/s-pass/eligibility
EP Eligibity - https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits/employment-pass/eligibility

But if somehow she is unable to obtain S Pass or EP, you can explore the following:
1. Apply for Pre-Marriage LTVP Assessment - https://www.ica.gov.sg/visitor/LTVP/visitor_PMLTVPassessment
2. File Notice of Marriage - https://www.rom.gov.sg/reg_info/rom_marriage.asp
3. Apply for LTVP - https://www.ica.gov.sg/visitor/LTVP/visitor_LTVP_apply
4. Apply for PR, actually you can submit together with the LTVP but I suggest to wait for 1 to 2 years, settle down first, no need to rush, after all you also need some time to prepare the PR documents.

The above is assuming that you are a Singaporean or PR.
Luc said…

Thank you so much for the help. May God bless your family.
Anonymous said…
I love you happy ending story. Gives me hope too. thank you!
fastfrag1981 said…
Im planning to marry my Vietnamese GF this year and feel really hopeful after reading your blog. already gotten the Pre LVTP for a start, just wondering whats the process of your wife's relocation to singapore?
i did some checks and it looks like i just need to go through ROM process, marriage counselling, signning the papers and then apply the LVTP
Hi fastfrag1981,

When my wife got her LTVP, she stayed together in my parents house. After a few years we bought our own resale flat.

I think you can do that too if possible, otherwise you can temporarily rent a unit or room, but I think stay with parents first is better so you can save more.

For the long run, you can consider applying for a resale flat, or if you have a Singaporean child, you can apply for BTO.

If she wish to work to supplement the household income, as LTVP holder just need employer to submit letter of consent, it does not count towards foreign worker quota so should be easier to find job.

My advise is to stay with parents first, have a child, then apply for BTO.
fastfrag1981 said…
Thanks for the advise, actually i co-own a 5 room HDB with my MUM. So accommodation wise isn't a big problem aside from the fact that my fiancee prefer to have the toilet in our own room.

I was planning to sign her up for basic mandarin courses after she relocate over to keep her occupied if shes bored at home however another dilemma would be the possibility of her finding a job here as the qualifications she has may not be recognized
In my opinion, best is to upgrade, take course, learn some skills, be employed, be self-sufficient, in the long run it is also a safety net for you and her. But not everyone will think this way so you have to discuss with her.

For me wife she is not a planner so ended up as a housewife and take care of my daughter, which is a good thing too. But this is risky, what if one day I cannot work, if die still better because I have insurance.

Anyway my point is plan far ahead, 20, 30 years down the road, and retirement, and rainy days.
fastfrag1981 said…
Totally agree with you, my fiancĂ©e is actually doing pretty well in Vietnam, it’s a pity to quit her job but she wants to relocate here as well, I too have insurance coverage for myself but I’m hoping she can be self sufficient too. As for retirement, we plan to buy a piece of land in her home town and built a house there, hopefully I can take out everything in my cpf and retire else where
fastfrag1981 said…
HI, I need some advise, My Fiancee will be relocating here to Singapore on July 15, our ROM is only on 2nd SEPT and likely LTVP will take another 1-2 months to approve since my PLMA is already in place. However she is coming in as a tourist, she can only stay in Singapore for 30 days.
is it possible for us to go into Malaysia for like 2-3 days, and then come back to Singapore so that it will not be considered as an overstay?
Anonymous said…
I am planning to Thai gf. I read that Thai family would demand Sin MOd and Tong Mun. I would like to ask usually how much they would ask for?
I would like to have an idea so that I can plan ahead.
Hi fastfrag1981,

Once you submit the LTVP, if her tourist visa is going to expire, you can bring her to ICA to extend.

Hi Anonymous,

Difficult to advise because every thai family have different expectation, but as a foreigner, be expected to pay more than thai men. Or maybe you can just ask her family directly.

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