Our Monthly Expenses

Updated on 13 Sep 2016.

My Basic Salary4585
My Take-Home Pay3666.5
Family ExpensesRemarks
Give Wife600.00For her own spending/saving.
Our Mobile96.50She just upgraded her plan so later I will update.
Our Internet29.85
Our Housing Loan721.00Now paying by CPF but after 4 years need to pay by cash so I'm setting aside first.
Our Utilities90.00It's around 70+ to 80+ but I just round up to 90 instead.
Our S&CC28.50
Parent Internet34.00
Our Credit Card1,000.00Sometimes it can be around 800+ but I just put 1000.
Personal ExpensesRemarks
My Smoke75.00I smoke handroll so it's very cheap.
My Work Transport49.28I take MRT.
My Work Lunch110.00I spend about $5 for lunch during workdays.
Total Spending2,834.13

My basic haven't factor in bonus because the calculations here didn't factor in our insurance and my income tax, so since they are paid yearly, when I get my bonus I will use it to pay, just nice right ;)


Anonymous said…
my viet gf keep nagging ask me fast marry.....no $ how to marry, sg so expensive.......me abt same s u, take home 25k....- here there, left peanuts......if marry next is house, wan bto cant, resale so expensive sigh....seeing your post give me some encouragement......maybe really can pull through ba
Yeah, resale price really ridiculous, the cash-over-valuation most headache...

Unless you can find work for your partner after marriage, as for me, I plan to just stay with parents... thick-skin a bit haha.
Anonymous said…
Hi guys need your advice here, I have Thai gf too. Should I rom with her first or get her LTVP or should I assist her to get a job & receive her PR.
Do you know of a better way to bring her in ? We both want to settle & start a family in sg.
Just ROM and apply LTVP for her since you are planning to settle down.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, since BTO flats can only be applied if my partner is holding S'pore PR. Any idea if after ROM, can apply for PR? Is it necessary for her to have a job in SG for awhile first or what's the norm criteria?

Thanks in advance!
You can apply PR for her after ROM, job-wise not big issue since you are her sponsor.
Unknown said…
I once work in ST micro in Toa Payoh. The supervisor married a Thai girl, She is very royal and faithful. Everysay would wait on her husband outsisde the factory. But I am very unfortunate, to date , no luck to marry.Good luck to those on.
Some day you will meet someone, in the meantime, save more money ;)
Anonymous said…
Your supervisor married a Thai girl, She is very royal and faithful. Everyday would wait on her husband outside the factory.
Marry a Thai lady is safe. But never marry a Pinay lady. They will throw you away if they have a chance to go with an angmoh.
Anonymous said…
Currently my take home salary is $3300 and I am living alone in a 3 Room resale flat which cost $300K and I have paid $150K with my CPF. The rest is HDB loan for 25 year. My current CPF contribution is sufficient so no need to pay in cash and I had surplus CPF over the last 5 years.

I plan to marry a Thai Girl but I don't want her to work. Do you think my current salary is sufficient for two of us. Currently, I am taking part time degree and will be graduating in two years time. There will be a jump from my current salary
Sufficient or not really depends on both of your spending habits, but that amount of money is enough for me to take care of my wife and baby, and both of them need regular visit to specialist to follow-up on their heart condition.
benthai said…
how to meet a thai lady in SG? :)
Based on friend's experience, finding a Thai girl here is very easy, problem is finding one who is honest to you. Usually most of them come here to work at places with easy money, not saying all but mostly, most probably already attached or even married and they won't tell you. You can try your luck in Bangkok, or even go Northern areas, those are more rural areas, might be able to find someone you like.

But once you find a good Thai girl, they are very loyal and helpful, many local men are living happily with their Thai wives.
Anonymous said…
Hi MTGS, noticed that ur monthly expenses is last updated Sep 2013. Is it possible to update ur latest monthly expenses so we all have a rough gauge of how to partition our money to save better?

Anonymous said…
my suggestion to you is to quit smoking. The amount to be put aside for your daughter future expenditure. Good for your health as well for your daughter wellbeen.
Appreciate your kind suggestion, many people have offered same advise, I am cutting down, hopefully one day I can quit.
Anonymous said…
if your parents already retired & on minimum sum scheme, you can consider topping up (either CPF or cash) their RA (6% p.a for first 30K) and they can their monthly payout from CPF
nguyen said…
Hi marrythaigirlsingapore, I'm also planning our finances but our income is only around 3k so I feel quite worried :) May I ask what is the $1,000 expense of credit card for? Is that your savings? Thanks!
Hi nguyen,

Don't worry, I believe you are still young, as you get older income should increase, provided you stay on the job and get yearly increment/promotion.

As for my $1000 credit card spending, it's mostly for household expenses such as groceries, the rest are non-necessities such as dining out, buying stuff for wife and baby.

When I married my wife, I was earning $2200, after CPF is around $1750+, that was in 2010. So as time goes by, I got increment, got promotion so today my income is better.
Anonymous said…
Hi marrythaigirlsingapore,

may i know which plan and internet service provider are you using?

I'm using Starhub MaxInfinity 300Mbps @ $29.85 per month.
Anonymous said…
Hello bro, your finances calculator looks odd to me.

Don't you provide money to your parents and what is the cost of insurance you are paying?

Now I don't live with them so never give any allowance, only during CNY then give big ang pao. Anyway my insurance info is here: http://marrythaigirlsingapore.blogspot.sg/p/family-insurance.html
Anonymous said…
Wah you give your wife $600 monthly... I hope my son will never marry Thai girl cause this is obviously under gong tau
Interesting way to look at it lol, you'll have to tell your son then.
Anonymous said…
Me too. Give my wife THB15,000 a month for her own personal expenses, savings and investment :)

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