Wife's Pregnancy Cost

This is a log book to keep track on the amount of money we spent on my wife's pregnancy, but to exclude those bus or mrt rides as those are really very small amounts. The latest will be on top, and the amount beside the date is the total for that day. And all amounts are paid in cash, GST included, if by CPF, will indicate, but so far all must be paid by cash, sigh.

Second Pregnancy

Cash: $3880.05
Medisave: $8219.04


Note that the charges are PR rates as my wife is now holding blue IC and all charges are cash unless otherwise stated.

Also since my wife was warded to NUH on 05 May, I also spent quite some money on taxi rides which I didn't update here, so tired so didn't bother to keep track, but I think this page can still give a good idea of what to expect.


25 Aug 2015: $5,519.04

  • $5,519.04 deducted from Medisave for wife's pregnancy stay for 20 days in C class (17 in normal ward, 3 in ICU), inclusive of $300 for C-section.

03 Jun 2015: $64.30

  • $10 taxi to NUH (with booking fee).
  • $46 gynae remove c-section bandage.
  • $8.30 taxi home (with booking fee).

22 May 2015: $29.95
  • $29.95 for compression socks.

21 May 2015: $148.90
  • $48.15 for abdominal binder.
  • $100.75 for manual breast pump.

15 Apr 2015: $24.90
  • $24.90 for baby bed set.

11 Apr 2015: $67.30
  • $6 for baby shirt.
  • $3.60 for baby mitten set.
  • $3.30 for baby mitten booties set.
  • $3.90 for baby hat.
  • $19.90 for baby towel 3 pieces.
  • $7.90 for baby vest.
  • $7.30 for baby long sleeved vest.
  • $7.90 for baby long pants.
  • $7.50 for baby romper.

07 Apr 2015: $70.20
  • $10 taxi to NUH (peak hour with booking fee).
  • $46 for repeat consultation.
  • $7.20 for 2 months Warfarin.
  • $7 taxi home.

01 Apr 2015: $163.80
  • $12.30 taxi to NUH (peak hour with booking fee).
  • $97.50 for scan.
  • $46 for repeat consultation.
  • $8 taxi home.

23 Mar 2015: $150
  • $10 taxi to NUH (with booking fee).
  • $133 for echo.
  • $7 taxi home.

18 Mar 2015: $77.05
  • $9 taxi to NUH (with booking fee).
  • $61.55 for glucose test and repeat consultation.
  • $6.50 taxi home.

11 Mar 2015: $141
  • $10 taxi to NUH (with booking fee).
  • $121 for fetal scan and repeat consultation.
  • $10 taxi home.

03 Mar 2015: $163.10
  • $12.50 taxi to NUH (with booking fee).
  • $97.50 fetal scan.
  • $46 repeat gynae consultation.
  • $7.10 taxi home.

11 Feb 2015: $137
  • $9 taxi to NUH (with booking fee).
  • $121 for consultation at pediatric cardiologist and fetal echo.
  • $7 taxi home.

10 Feb 2015: $163.10
  • $10 taxi to NUH (peak hour with booking fee).
  • $46 for repeat consultation at cardiologist.
  • $60 for INR test strips.
  • $40.60 for medications.
  • $6.50 taxi home.

06 Feb 2015: $81.90
  • $12 taxi to NUH (peak hour with booking fee).
  • $46 for repeat consultation.
  • $23.90 taxi to mom home.

28 Jan 2015: $276.50
  • $8.80 taxi to NUH (with booking fee).
  • $260 for fetal echo and first visit consultation.
  • $7.70 taxi home.

21 Jan 2015: $1066.40
  • $12.80 taxi to NUH (peak hour and booking fee).
  • $131.25 for ultrasound scan.
  • $46 for repeat consultation.
  • $869.35 for Harmony test.
  • $7.00 taxi home.

14 Jan 2015: $213.60
  • $13 taxi to NUH (peak hour and booking fee).
  • $192.80 for repeat consulation, oral glucose test and scan.
  • $7.80 taxi home.

30 Dec 2014: $124.45
  • $8.80 taxi to NUH (including $2.30 booking).
  • $101.25 for repeat consulation, ECG and INR test strips.
  • $14.40 for 2 months of Warfarin and Aspirin.

15 Dec 2014: $54.80
  • $8.80 taxi to NUH (including $2.30 booking).
  • $46 for gynae repeat consulation.

03 Dec 2014: $401.80
  • $12 taxi to NUH (peak hour and booking).
  • $339.80 for repeat consulation, ultrasound and down syndrome scan.
  • $33.40 for 2 months of Warfarin and Obimin.
  • $9 pay hospital bill.
  • $7.60 taxi back home.

24 Nov 2014: $55.50
  • $9.50 taxi to NUH.
  • $46 for Gynae consultation, repeat visit.

22 Nov 2014: $2700 (Medisave), $6.90 (cash) for:
  • Hospitalized from 10 Nov to 16 Nov because her INR reading was 1.0, considered very dangerous, normal range is 2 to 3, very high risk of blood clotting her heart valve and she may die suddenly.
  • Total hospital charges is $5972.94 before any subsidy.
  • Government subsidy is $3263.91 (C ward).
  • Payable after round off is $2709.
  • Medisave deduct $2700 (6 days x $450 CPF daily withdrawal limit).
  • $6.90 taxi home.
  • Still owe them $9 haven't pay haha.

19 Nov 2014: $54.50
  • $8.50 taxi to NUH.
  • $46 for Gynae consultation, think they count as repeat visit so much cheaper.

10 Nov 2014: $143.10 for:
  • $4.70 for taxi to NUH.
  • $21 for polyclinic consulation and referral to NUH A&E.
  • $9.40 for INR test.
  • $108 for NUH A&E.

First Pregnancy

Total Cost: S$3700.93


Update 19 Aug 2013: I think my baby's death brings a close to this chapter, he was about 4 months old, sad as it is, we have to move on. The total costs comes to S$3700.93. For our next try, we will definitely do everything in Thailand, it just doesn't make any economic sense to follow-up or deliver in Singapore, it's just way too expensive for a foreigner.


13 Aug 2013: 23833 THB (S$993.04, based on exchange rate of 1SGD:24THB)
15333 THB for:
  • 8 days of hospitalization in a 6-bedded ward.
  • 4x INR each day.
  • 1x Echo-cardiogram.
  • Fees for cleaning her up after her miscarriage.
  • Medication for during stay and after discharge.
6000 THB for transport costs during and after my wife's hospitalization (mother-in-law had to travel sometimes).
2500 THB for the ritual of my baby's death (inclusive of buying milk, clothes and etc for him to bring along).

29 Jul 2013: S$491.72
S$231.08 for:
  • S$39.96 for Electrocardiogram session at SGH Block 3 (before gst).
  • S$176 for first-time senior Cardiologist consultation and repeat Gynaecologist consultation (before gst).
S$181 for plane ticket to Bangkok.
S$76.14 for plane ticket to Udon Thani.
S$3.50 for 100 tablets of Folic Acid 5MG per tablet.

26 Jul 2013: S$178.82
S$116.63 for first-time senior Haematologist consultation.
S$45.39 for 3 days of LMWH; 6 syringes.
S$16.80 for taxi ride to SGH Block 3.

05 Jul 2013: S$317.70
S$317.70 for 21 days of LMWH; 42 syringes.

28 Jun 2013: S$175.45
S$69.55 for repeat Gynaecologist consultation.
S$105.90 for 7 days of LMWH; 14 syringes.

14 Jun 2013: S$211.80
S$211.80 for 14 days of LMWH; 28 syringes.

10 Jun 2013: S$262.57
S$202.27 for repeat senior Gynaecologist consultation (79 before gst) and Anti-XA Assay (110.04 before gst).
S$60.30 for:
  • 70 tablets of Pyridoxine HCL 10MG per tablet - 8.40 before gst.
  • 63 tablets of MetoCLOPramide 10MG per tablet - 7.56 before gst.
  • 28 tablets of Dydrogesterone 10MG per tablet - 38.92 before gst.
  • 30 tablets of Folic Acid 5MG per tablet - 1.50 before gst.
05 Jun 2013: S$270.65
S$58.85 for repeat associate Gynaecologist consultation.
S$211.80 for 14 days of LMWH; 28 syringes.

03 Jun 2013: S$562.53
S$84.53 for repeat senior Gynaecologist consultation.
S$478.00 for Echocardiography session at SGH Block 4.

31 May 2013: S$197.65
S$177.75 for first-time senior Gynaecologist consultation (109 before gst) and ultrascan (57.12 before gst).
S$1.60 for 30 days supply of folic acid.
S$18.30 for taxi ride to SGH Block 5.

28 May 2013: S$30
S$15 for pregnancy test at GP.
S$15 for consultation at GP.

24 May 2013: S$9
S$9 for 2 pieces of pregnancy test kit bought at neighbourhood pharmacy.


Wee said…
Hi Bro, I am Singaporean and my gf is Thai and if we register in Singapore but my wife gives birth in Thai. Would we still be eligible for baby bonus by government ?
Hi Wee,

Yes, but you have to make sure you register citizenship for the baby within a year after giving birth, you can do so in Singapore or at Singapore embassy in Thailand.
-ve krip said…
Very informative blog but too bad this was not available before i got married in July 2010. Thanks for sharing. I think it will be difficult to bring over your baby if he/she was born abroad. The process of applying SG citizenship for a child born in another country will require lots of paperwork. For me, i would rather not go through such hassle although i do not earn much.
Hi Krip,

Shouldn't be too difficult as long as we are married, I don't mind the paperwork, anyway mainly her cost of pregnancy here is very high, but now maybe I will consider letting her consult here since she has PR.
Tan said…
Hi Bro, just want to comment that your blog is very informative.. My wife is pregnant now but only long term visit pass... Not sure about the fees for giving birth here. Do they enjoy any medical benefits? or is it only PR and above then have?

Thanks for answering.
Hi Tan,

Yes, only PR or citizens are eligible for subsidies.

But if your wife is healthy, most likely the delivery costs will be manageable.
Gary said…

My Foreigner GF is now 5 months pregnant and I have just recieved an email from ICA which says that my application for pre-marriage Long-Term Visit Pass is unsuccessful. What should I do?

Can I still bring her over for ROM? I will want to bring her over, marry her and have the child be delivered here.

Please advise, Thanks
Hi Gary,

Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful application.

You can still go ahead with the ROM but when you apply LTVP for her, it will not be easy and there is a long waiting time. Since she is pregnant, better settle the ROM first otherwise the child will be born out of wedlock, later very troublesome. Then let her settle down in her hometown first, when your situation improves, you can apply LTVP for her, don't worry, your child will still be a Singaporean even if born overseas, can apply citizenship at the embassy. Or when your child is born and gotten citizenship, later then you apply should be easier.
Gary said…
Thanks for the advice.

Another question...

While reading up the ROM website, there is something that I do no really understand.

"for couples where at least one party is not a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, one of the parties to the intended marriage must have been physically present in Singapore for at least 15 days preceding the date of the notice. (Please note that the day of arrival in Singapore is not included.)"

Does it apply to us Singaporeans wanting to marry foreigner spouse?

Could you briefly explain what procedure is required for applying ROM?
Dave said…
Good day bro,

Thanks so much for sharing these valuable information. My Vietnamese wife is currently 4month pregnant and we are thinking of letting my Mother-in-law come over to help out during her maternity.

Understand that I can extend my MIL's visit pass to 89 days. If this is the case, can I just buy a one-way ticket for her to come Singapore first and subsequently get the return ticket upon approval of the extension.

Are there other options that I can also explore?
Thanks so much for your help.

Hi Dave,

Last year when my MIL and wife's cousin came over, the Bangkok airport staff insisted we buy return tickets before they let my MIL and wife's cousin board the plane from BKK to SG. Good thing we bought, because at SG ICA counter staff checked their return tickets.

So play safe just buy first, one month later will do to save any trouble. If need be then extend her stay and forfeit the ticket.
Dave said…
Thanks bro relating ur experience, in this case, will get the return ticket for my MIL to save the trouble at the customs.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
Hi I'm a foreigner married to sc and I'm pregnant now.. I want to ask if I can use my husband's medisave when I give birth at kkh?

Yes you can your husband's medisave for delivery.
Hi Bro, I just married my Thai wife early this year and she will be due for delivery in November. She is holding on to a ltvp. May I know if she could use my medisave for delivery?
Hi Andy,

Yes she can use your Medisave, and very likely no need to come up with cash if it is a normal delivery i.e. no complication.

Congratulations and wish her a smooth delivery!
Anonymous said…
Andy, is your wife under private patient? My wife is also pregnant and holding ltvp.. I wonder how much I need to pay for her delivery after medisave deduction?
Anonymous said…
Hi, i just got a reject from pmltvp.
But my girl from thailand now is around 2months pregnant. Planning to ROM in december.
how should i go about?
i want to get her here in to give birth and stay here.
Just wanted to share that as of 2018, NUH O&G standard has dropped drastically. Mainly due to long queues (which mean longer waiting time), amidst other reasons. As such I am considering to transfer to KKH TPS.

Can check out my full experience thus far here: https://livingthesglife.blogspot.sg/2018/03/164-weeks-pregnant-experience-at-nuh-o.html
Thanks for sharing your experience, take good care of yourself.

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