20 January 2019

Indian Food for Lunch

Went to Brinda's, prata still nice, briyani also nice, also bought a bunch of crackers, their crackers also nice.

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19 January 2019

Ichiban Sushi, Still Ok

The Ten Don standard drop, instead of crispy tempura ended up with soft tempura, only the prawn and fish tempura were soft, the veggies at least still crispy, think the chef forgot to dry the prawn and fish before he fry it.

The cereal karaage still great though, serving size is considered generous, crispy and fragrant.

13 January 2019

New KFC Chicken

The new parmesan truffle chicken is actually the hot and spicy chicken, they just put some cheese on top, whereas truffle I can't really tell, anyway it is really good, I think it's better than the salted egg version.

Also got the big BBQ drumstick for $1.50 thanks to promotion.

And some cucumber to go with the chicken.

12 January 2019

Almost 5 Months into New Job

So far doing fine, managed to blend in quite well, boss satisfied with my work, I also happy working there. But wondering if can get any bonus or not, heard that this month might have bonus but don't know true or not but if have pro-rated also not bad, if don't have also never mind.

Recently quite busy because rushing for documentation but finally managed to finish now waiting for review, hopefully don't have to change too much.

This year May also can apply for BTO, hope can get a cheap 3-room.

05 January 2019

High-rise Littering

Sometimes at the kitchen I heard something dropped and I looked outside, saw a plastic bag, think it is leftover food because it will usually attract pigeons to feed. Pigeons also another problem, seems like the population getting really well-fed thanks to all these high-rise littering.

Other than food, I also noticed cigarette butts, tissues and all sorts of other types of rubbish, seems like these people don't have a bin in their home, whatever rubbish they just throw out of their window. I hope these people die soon, this kind of scumbags don't deserve to live.

27 December 2018

Bye Bye 2018

Time pass really fast, now 2018 coming to an end soon, major thing this year is changed a new job, good thing is that it is a better job so career-wise considered doing fine. Today also completed my appraisal, boss said gave me very good rating, well at least here if put in effort it is recognised unlike my previous company.

Boss also trying to push me to become project manager... Anyway no harm trying but I still like doing technical work though, project management is a whole different beast which I tried a bit and didn't enjoy. Finish current project first then see how.

Family also doing well except that one time wife got hospitalised due to low INR reading, baby doing well but getting too fat, must make her exercise more. Next year she turning 4, maybe can start to enrol her in kindergarten but I'm not overly concerned.

Financial not so good in terms of investment, stocks losing money but good thing is that it is money that I don't need to touch so still not that bad, cash flow also ok, have enough for emergency so should be fine.

Next year can apply for BTO, I'll probably apply for a cheap 3-room, location don't matter much as long as below $200K.

22 December 2018

Get Ginger Win Lucky Draw (中姜,中奖)

A few days ago during lunch I ordered chicken rice and after the owner scooped the rice, saw a big piece of ginger, the stall owner wanted to remove it for me but I said it's ok, then another guy said aloud 中姜, similar to 中奖 which means winning a prize, we just laughed about it.

Then yesterday I went for our company D&D, won two prizes, one prize is $30 CapitaLand vouchers. Then another one is a Sonos Play:1 speaker, retail price at Lazada is $269, not bad sia. But too bad the speaker quite complicated to use, end up selling it at Carousell for $150, it was quickly snapped up.

Been quite some time since I won something, maybe I should go buy toto, who knows win top 3 group lol.

15 December 2018

Merries Diapers

I think Merries should be the most expensive brand of diapers I have seen so far, but for the price, the quality is there.

We recently switched from Drypers Drypantz because it was too small for her, she is wearing XXL but the Drypers XXL and Merries XXL different in size, Merries is actually a bit bigger so it fits much better. Actually it is also because my daughter is bigger and fatter so need a bigger diaper.

I also find that she runs through a bit less diapers after using Merries, think it is because it absorbs better and don't leak, the Drypers one don't absorb that well and always leak.

Overall Merries is more costly, buy at Lazada 78 pieces S$52+, Drypantz 112 pieces $38+, quite a big difference.