Not Sure If This is a Counteroffer... Last week I submitted my resignation, the standard things happened, my supervisor talked to me to find out more about my reasons for leaving, after some discussion I was sure about leaving even though I told him I didn't have a job waiting because I wanted to take a 1-2 months break, I wasn't hesitant or anything, then he told me big boss wanted to speak to me, yeah why not, big boss willing to take the time to speak to a staff is always a good thing. So today big boss called me in, had a lengthy chat, like really lengthy that he pretty much talked for 2-3 hours nonstop explaining many whys that I didn't really raise officially but deep inside was unhappy about, I don't think he can read my mind, most likely he already knows these problems, and he shared that there are plans in motion to change things, which is a good sign. Seriously, if the big boss doesn't realise and acknowledge the pro

Finally Throw Letter

After several bouts of procrastination, today I finally ride on a trigger to throw the letter. It was nothing negative or what, not an outburst or anything, just making use of a chance to throw the letter, have to be pissed off but not too pissed off, have to be careful not to ruin any relationship, throw letter also need technique and timing haha. Somehow I feel really relieved for doing so, it's like getting rid of a huge rock off my chest, bet I can finally sleep well tonight, I mean can you imagine after work or during weekends or public holidays you still have work stuff buzzing in your head, it's crazy. And of course I didn't get a job before I throw, I only had 5 days of rest from my last job to current job, so getting a job first is definitely not in my plan, was thinking of catching a 1-2 months break to refresh myself before I start looking for a job. Also I can bring my daughter to school everyday, sometimes I just feel kind of guilty like I get lost at work, com

Hana Maki

Hana Maki - Salmon Sushi with mayo and fish eggs.

P1 Registration is Complete Nonsense They turn primary education into a competition to get into the best school, no wonder the "every man for himself" mentality is so prevalent in Singapore. Then you have these kiasu parents partaking in this nonsense, so are they going to tell their children they volunteered at the school just to get a place, for basic education? Or they are going to tell their children because they are part of whatsoever church or clan or they are staff member of the school so they get special privilege over other Singaporean children? And are they going to educate their child on fairness too? Is that hypocrisy or what? I can only imagine what kind of adults their children will grow up to be. Then they say every school is a good school, and yet they enable

Finally Got Up and Go Run

These few weeks I have been using the heightened alert as an excuse to not go for exercise, keep telling myself to stay safe and stay home, end up building up a lot of negative energy, I tell you a person cannot just hide at home and do nothing other than going to work or to buy groceries. But actually can also work out at home but well, once you get lazy it doesn't matter where, you'll just cook up excuses when you feel like it. So today I finally forced myself to go out for a run, managed to run about 2.5 rounds of the track which is about 1KM and walk to complete 3 rounds, not bad, I thought after several weeks of rotting at home I won't make 2 rounds. Staying active is a must, it helps to get rid of negative energy and build up positive energy, this is very true because when I was in my 20s, I used to workout very regularly like 3-5 times a week or even daily was normal to me, I think that time even busier than now because I was doing part-time studies holding a full-ti