24 July 2017

NEA Called Me

Previously I mentioned about the solar powered CCTV behind my block, I thought it was installed by NEA, but today one of their officers called me regarding the case that I lodged, asked him and he said not that he know of, he also mentioned theirs is like the LTA type, don't know what LTA CCTV looks like though.

I told him the littering happens every few days, but as I'm not home in the day so I don't really know which unit did it. My wife also don't actively check the window to try to catch the culprit, kind of no point if it is two units away, can't see also.

The officer mentioned that they will conduct house visits to the units above me, eventually they will install the CCTV. He said actually they did conduct house visits earlier but the owners never open the door. I think if this time still cannot reach the owners they will probably go ahead and install the CCTV.
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23 July 2017

Just Another Weekend

Went shopping with wife and baby, found this store at Anchorpoint where they sell baby products. They have this high-definition TV with blu-ray quality cartoon, really great idea, can keep the kids occupied while we do our shopping.

Kids when they get around age 2+, start to get restless, everything must touch, everywhere must explore, so inquisitive, sometimes can keep crying and throwing tantrum if they get fixated on something, such as a toy, a ride or a cute looking chocolate, especially that damn kinder bueno egg.

Wonder how was I behaving when I was her age..

Anyway bought some BBQ ribs and huge dogs at cold storage, quite nice, not the best but ok for the price.

19 July 2017

Back Feels Better

After sleeping on new bed for 2 nights, the pain on lower left back is much lessened, now tingles a bit but feels so much better.

This made me realize that the bed is a very important item, should never ever scrimp on this, expensive never mind most important is good quality and durable.

Next time if move house I'm going to get a good bed, full latex bed, maybe buy from USA and ship here, think might be cheaper than buying in SG.

17 July 2017

New Bed is Here

Just 3 rolls, can pack until so compact.

The old ti lam and mattress wife put below.

I lie on top really comfortable, definitely feels better than ti lam, really looking forward to first sleep on new bed.

16 July 2017

Bought New Mattress at IKEA

My lower left back keeps hurting, think it is from the cheap ti lam, now I never kena the super jia lat back pain but always have this pain at left area all the time. The last major back pain was in Feb 2016, ti lam works to solve the major back pain but cause long-lasting pain, sigh. Or maybe the ti lam too cheap, too soft, can actually feel my backbone touching the floor.

So since I got my bonus, instead of spending it on a laptop which I don't really need, might as well get a proper mattress, ended up deciding to check out IKEA since it is near my home.

Before going I did some research on mattress, seems like latex is the best but it is more expensive. Note that there are different types of latex, natural is the best and most expensive. There are also synthetic and blended latex, I think these could be cheaper options. But online some people say synthetic can get very warm.

There's also foam or spring mattresses, spring confirm out, reason is because kids like to jump and eventually it will spoil which was what happened to mine, so I rather take foam.

So IKEA don't sell full natural latex mattress, but even if they sell I guess one queen size would be around $2-$3k+.

End up I bought a 150x200x14cm (width, length, height, queen size) Malvik firm foam mattress for $299 and a 150x200x7cm Tromsdalen mattress padding for $599.

And today then I know the concept of putting a mattress padding on top of a mattress, previously thought it was kind of stupid, now then I realize actually it has some uses such as add extra padding, another use is can mix and match, that's why I choose a firm foam mattress, then on top I put a good quality padding, great strategy right haha.

Reason why the mattress padding is so expensive is because inside there is natural latex, of the 7cm, 4cm is latex, and of the latex, 85% is natural, 15% is synthetic, so actually it is a blended type of latex. So you can imagine if pure latex one bed can be super expensive, too luxurious for me.

I get IKEA to send, delivery charge $35, tomorrow send, tomorrow can finally sleep on a proper bed.

15 July 2017

Sakae Sushi Improved a Bit

Today don't know what to eat so gave Sakae one shot, turns out to be not bad, the rice today is just nice.

They also brought back some of their old menu items like the takoyaki, why did they take it out in the first place.

The avocado cheese salmon sushi with caviar also nice, very cheesy and creamy.

14 July 2017

Noticed a Solar Powered CCTV

It's right behind my block, looks like it is focused at my air-con unit. I think installed by NEA after I feedback to them about the rubbish on my air-con unit. Hope they catch the asshole in the act and fine him/her jia lat jia lat.

09 July 2017

HDB Window is a Giant Trash Bin

Today good catch, even got oreo, wonder what present I will receive next time, kind of exciting. This reminds me of the used, bloodied sanitary pad that I saw in my neighbourhood.

Report to NEA also no use, done that, at most they come stake-out for 10-15mins and go back write report say didn't notice anything unusual, then update me saying they staked-out but didn't find anything so basically nothing will change.

Report to HDB they will most likely refer me to NEA, then back to square one.

Call police they will refer me to NEA, then back to square one.

So might as well just do nothing since throwing things out of window is so common that nobody cares.

I reported to NEA anyway, don't really hope for any change, see how it goes.