14 November 2018

Received Wife's Hospital Bill

One day stay at NUH class C ward.

Total charges: $1800.30
Government subsidy: -$807.85
Amount payable: $992.45

Since it is just one day, can only claim $450 from my Medisave. Then the Medishield Life cannot claim because there is a $1500 annual deductible that needs to be met before they will payout.

So now still owe NUH $542.45 in cash.
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13 November 2018

Still Haven't Receive Wife's Hospital Bill

Last month she was warded at NUH, now almost one month haven't see her bill in mailbox. I wondering how much, but for sure no need to pay cash, think all paid by CPF. She was warded one night at C ward so don't think it can cost much.

10 November 2018

Seems Like 500GB More Than Enough

My new computer is using the Samsung 970 Evo 500GB as my one and only disk drive, so far after loading up with all my stuff, still left with about 355GB, way more than enough.

By the way my Windows 10 Pro which I bought off eBay for 4.90 USD is still working fine, fully updated and working well.

03 November 2018

UOB Overseas Property Loan for Thailand


But catch is must be condo and must be Bangkok or some selected areas, probably rural areas is out. Can borrow up to 70% though.

Wonder if places like Chiang Mai or Phuket can or not, Bangkok air so polluted I cannot take it.

Anyone use this loan before? Want to share your experience?

24 October 2018

CoaguChek XS Meter Working Fine

Today wife went to do a blood test at NUH, INR was 1.3, then at the same time also checked using our meter, also 1.3, this means that the meter is still accurate, so I think previously why shot up so high is because we lost track.

Before she was warded, last check was on 17 Sep and the value was 1.8, after that we checked at NUH A&E and it was 6+. I think safer is to check at least twice a month, if somehow meter doesn't work again then better go check at NUH or polyclinic.

So now one thing for sure is that if reading is too high, for example 6+ then the meter will not be able to produce reading and may show QC or error 6.

Today the cost for checking at NUH is $25, after subsidy is $18.75.

23 October 2018

Something Wrong with Wife's CoaguChek XS Meter

Recently the device keep showing QC error, wasted quite a few test strips and still unable to get a reading, I think wasted like almost a bottle of the test strips, one bottle have 6 and cost $64.20 after GST. And that's how we lost track of her INR level. Should have bring her to NUH to check instead of waiting.

Last Saturday when we went to NUH, I tried looking for the test strips at the Clinic A pharmacy but they don't sell, the pharmacist told me to try the one at the Medical Centre at level 3, good thing they sell so I bought two bottles. After that tried one and got error 6, I think it's because wife's INR was too high so the device can't read it and show error instead.

By the way if you want to know more about the error codes you can see this link for the user manual. I also found a link at HSA which says INR value  greater than 8 can cause error 6, but wife's reading was 6+ based on NUH A&E blood test but the meter shows error 6, very confusing.

So today I managed to arrange a session with the manufacturer, wife went there with baby because I need to work, they did a quick check and configuration but found nothing wrong with the meter, they asked wife to test and got a reading of 1.8. They didn't charge my wife for the check so it was a nice gesture from them, because I know the device only one year warranty if I remember correctly.

This is their address:
Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Aperia Tower 1
8 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339509
Level 11

Summary of wife's INR results:
20 Oct - Checked at A&E via blood test 6+ (after that warded)
21 Oct - Checked at ward via blood test 5+ (this was after her blood transfusions)
22 Oct - Never check
23 Oct - Checked at manufacturer via our meter 1.8

So you can see the reading today suddenly drop so much, now wondering the meter is accurate or not, tomorrow wife will go to NUH and do a blood test and at the same time test on meter to see if in sync or not, what we know is that blood test is most accurate for sure.

Initially I thought could be due to her blood transfusions, while she was warded they gave her 4 packets of blood, but then the 21 Oct blood test was done after her transfusions so I don't think it is related, quite likely should be the meter gets less accurate over time or wear and tear, drop on floor maybe.

Worst-case just buy another meter, I bought this in 2015, served us well for about 3 years, saved us a lot of time, expensive device but overall cost is lower so I think it's a necessity.

21 October 2018

Wife Discharged from NUH

This morning went to see her at around 9+, she told me total transfused 4 packets of blood, then the doctor wanted to keep her until Monday but wife don't want, I also don't want. Then doctor wanted to arrange for an O&G check up, suspect her menses causing blood loss.

So drag until almost 12pm, I told the nurse she have until 12:30pm to settle everything, once time up we walk out. Think she feel the urgency already quickly get ready the documents. Then also make wife sign an indemnity paper in case we turn around and say they never do their job, this is fine, we insisted on leaving so of course won't hold them responsible if anything happens.

Now wondering how much the bill will be, based on what the NUH A&E told me, one packet of blood cost up to $1000, so 4 packets can cost up to $4000, didn't know blood worth so much money.


From the HSA link, seems like blood itself is free, just that there are processing fee, testing, storage, manpower, logistics, so probably that's why one packet of blood can end up costing up to $1000.

20 October 2018

Wife Warded at NUH

These few weeks she keeps complaining about feeling very tired, her face also very yellowish, then yesterday she told me to bring her to polyclinic.

So this morning woke up early and decided to go NUH A&E instead, thinking that there is a chance that we will be turned away at the polyclinic since today is a Saturday; we did get turned away once or twice, staff said Saturday they only accept appointment, no walk-in.

We took a taxi to NUH, reached at 9+, the A&E very empty so registered very fast, upfront have to pay $115. After the nurse examined her, she was quickly sent to a doctor, me and baby was told to wait outside.

After a while, the doctor called me in, told me wife's blood level very low (3. something out of 11. something), and her INR level 6.1 or 6.7 which is very high, and she recommended sending wife to ward for blood transfusion. Wife of course not keen to stay in hospital, I also reluctant because doctor told me might need to stay until Monday, if like that how to go work, now on probation so I rather try not to ask for leave, and also who is going to look after baby.

So I asked whether we can do the blood transfusion at the A&E, my thinking is get as many packet of blood in as possible, one whole Saturday surely can get a few packets in. Then the doctor told me one packet need 4 hours with checking, I said ok I can wait, then she told me the blood if transfuse at A&E need to pay cash, I asked her how much, she told me $1000 cash or up to $1000 but either way I very shocked, then I said ok we discharge now then she like not happy.

End up she find a senior doctor to talk to us, finally we decided to stay for one night. Machiam like credit card salesman applying hard sell tactic on us.

After that two staff came to setup the transfusion, also have to wait for a bed at C ward. So me and baby went home first.

Then later wife whatsapp me say one packet of blood transfusion done, I think they setup first packet around 12+ because I took Grab at 1pm, before that went to the Kopitiam to buy cake for baby, and then went to Burger King to buy my lunch, wife whatsapp me at 1.24pm say first packet finish, so one packet probably at most 1.5 hour can transfuse finish, how come the doctor told me need 4 hours?

Then wife whatsapp me again say second packet done, see whatsapp:

If you see the timing, 13:25 to 14:42, not even 1.5 hour one packet done, so again, how come the doctor told me one packet need 4 hours? Transfuse and check need 4 hours? Check what?

Now I wondering the $1000 packet blood got shadow or not, where does blood come from? Donation right. Free right. How come they can sell to patient for $1000 a packet? Sounds like super shady right.