Tried NETS Click on Comfort Taxi App

Finally Comfort provide this convenient payment service, just need to setup on the app which is pretty straightforward to do, and then set it as the default payment type.

So how it works is you book the taxi as per normal on the app, since NETS Click is the default payment so don't need to do anything else. After the trip, just stylishly alight like how you alight from any grab taxi and the service will auto-deduct directly from your bank account. Note that even though the setup is to the card which may be a credit card (mine is a credit card), it actually is a direct debit service.

Oh by the way, happy lunar new year!

Super Busy Recently

Now rushing to finish a project, everything feels compressed, so not much time or energy to post, plus baby start school this year so feels like so many stuff going on.

Anyway this year bonus is alright, 1.5 months, pretty standard I guess, increment is unexpectedly good though, 8.48%, way better than last job. Out of nowhere also have a retention bonus which according to my boss is only given to a handful of people, which means if I stay on, mid of this year will get this special bonus, next year will also get it.

To be honest I was thinking of leaving after getting bonus but the package seems pretty good to miss so I think I am staying for a while more, I'm glad that that this company knows how to recognise and reward people who put in effort unlike my previous company where the reward didn't justify my responsibilities.

So there is a lesson here, if you want people to work hard for you, please be sure to treat them well, even in times of crisis, these people will go all the…

First Day of K1

Today baby started her first day of school in K1, she seems to like it, never cry or anything, in fact she quite hurriedly went into the school so she can start the lesson. I think it is a good thing that she embraces education, hope she can keep this eagerness all the way to university and beyond.

Since yesterday is the start of the strict enforcement of e-scooter, today we took bus instead, it's not that bad actually, just have to wake up earlier and get to the bus stop on time.

Oh by the way, my daughter is morning session only, 8am to 12pm, no lunch but there is breakfast, saw the teacher giving out some bread, so actually no need to prepare breakfast for her.

Happy 2020!

It's the start of a new year again, hope that this year will be a good year, get a good increment, good bonus and also at work everything will be smooth, but most importantly is everyone stay fit stay healthy.

Oh tomorrow baby start her K1, she seems to be aware of it and looking forward, I guess that is a good thing. I took leave tomorrow just to accompany her for the first day and also make sure wife knows how to get there. Cannot use e-scooter so changed to take bus, na beh speaking of e-scooter suddenly blood a bit boiling, thanks LTA for banning, great job.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Qualified for CPF Housing Grant

Somehow still managed to qualify for $22,500 of housing grant for the new flat that I applied in May this year, not sure how they calculated but they probably deducted the $15,000 singles grant which I took when I bought my current 2-room resale flat.

I think the grant will help a lot, probably don't have to take too long of a loan, hopefully don't even need to take any loan, but also depends because my current 2-room flat is depreciating fast, past 6 months prices range from $185K to $218K, I think by the time I sell, if can sell $180K already laughing.

Looking forward to new house, hope by 45 years old can pay finish.