14 July 2018

Commission Calculator for DBS Vickers SG Stocks

Made this little tool to help me calculate the costs of buying or selling a stock, just enter number of shares and price and it will show both buy and sell costs at the same time.

Can even choose by cash upfront, online or phone and it will calculate using respective rates.

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13 July 2018

Croatia 2-1 England

I don't watch world cup but I thought England should be quite strong considering they have their own ever popular league, how come can lose to Croatia. This world cup many shocking loss and quite a few unlikely teams enter the world cup, definitely one of the weirder world cup lol.

DBS Vickers Cash Upfront Commission Revised to 0.12%, minimum SGD10


It used to be 0.18%, minimum SGD18, but after the recent promotion which ended on 30 Jun 2018, seems like they made it a permanent 0.12% or minimum SGD10 which is a good thing.
Note from my last trade: 
0.12%, min $10, $5 rebate per trade, promo from 1 Apr 2018 to 30 Jun 2018, both dates inclusive.
The rate for normal trading account remain the same at 0.28% or minimum SGD25 for traded valued at $50,000 or less.

08 July 2018

KFC's New Goldspice Chicken

Wow, now the salted egg madness also spread to KFC, from salted egg prawns to salted egg crabs, salted egg chicken chop, salted egg potato chips, salted egg fish skin now salted egg KFC lol.

03 July 2018

Regarding Singapore 4D Gaming

Recently talked about 4D with my colleagues, they mentioned that there are 10,000 numbers that's why in Mandarin it's termed as 万字票. That led me to thinking whether it is possible to beat the system.

By the way 10,000 numbers range from 0000 to 9999, don't be surprised, 0000 and 9999 actually opened before and quite several times considering the 4284 draws to date. You can check past winning numbers here.

So let's say we buy all 10,000 numbers, the chance of winning all 23 numbers will be 100%, however we need to spend at least $10,000. The total prize from first prize all the way to consolation is just $6,590, that means we will lose $3,410.

Even if we manage to find 3410 numbers that will never ever open (which is very unlikely, the oddest number also open before), we will still only break-even. And also, it is mandatory to win the first 3 prizes otherwise also end up losing money.

Some people try to predict winning numbers by referring to past winning numbers and come up with a probability pattern, but then probability is just calculated guess, in something random such as 4D it is very difficult if not impossible to tell until the numbers open.

Summary is it is not possible to beat the system unless you know what numbers are going to open.

01 July 2018

1-to-1 Replaced My G603 at Challenger

Overall very smooth experience, no hassle, they just changed it, only question asked was the Logitech support case id and that's it. By the way I lost my receipt and their email support managed to retrieve it for me even though it was purchased more than 3 months ago, just give credit card last 4 digits and receipt price.

So I'm very happy with this replacement mouse, actually it's a brand new one, they took the new mouse out of the box and put into my box with the cable, receiver and batteries.

My G603 firmware version out of the box: 8.0.17

I'm not going to update the firmware, the version is currently 8.0.17 out of the box, I read online some people get the scrolling problems after firmware upgrade, so since it's already working perfectly I don't see a reason to upgrade. Maybe previously start to have problem is because I upgraded the firmware but then very strange, only after some time then start to go nuts.

30 June 2018

Yum Cha Curry Puff is Super

Quite similar to the 1A curry puff, the juicy crispy heavy curry flavour, very nice.

27 June 2018

Logitech G603 Gaming Mouse Scrolling Problem

I bought the mouse in March this year, initially seems to be working perfectly in fact I love this mouse, it's so precise and no lag despite being a wireless mouse, and the battery life is just incredible, buy until now using only one battery now still have 3 out of 5 bars (can see battery life via the Logitech Gaming Software)!

Then don't know when start to have this scrolling problem, when I scroll down it will scroll up a bit, this happens the other way too. It happens when surfing the net, or when scrolling through a text file, especially YouTube, you know now at the main page when you scroll down it will load more videos, sometimes it can get quite bad, just suddenly jerk up a bit by itself.

I thought maybe my daughter may have damaged the mouse, you know kids very playful, but the scrolling getting so annoying so I today decided to check online for any software or firmware update, I just download and update to latest but the problem persists.

I also tried to adjust the vertical scrolling from 3 to 10 via Windows itself, seems to help a bit but still noticeable so quite annoying still, then end up sometimes scroll too fast make my eyes blur.

Then I did a quick search online, found that actually many people have this issue and not just this model, even those G403 or G703 also have this problem, looks like a widespread issue. I guess could be certain batch faulty, and mine happened to be the faulty batch. Some people managed to get it fixed after updating firmware, too bad mine still not working well.

So I filed a warranty claim on their website, see how it goes, hope they don't ask for the receipt because I threw away mine, didn't expect it to become faulty because it was working so well in the beginning, what a shame, such a great mouse, definitely the best mouse I ever used, just the scrolling is shit that's all.