Hades Canyon CPU Temperature 100 Degrees (Celsius)

Recently whatever games I try to play seemed to run very badly, I thought it's just wear and tear, as time goes by hardware gets less effective.

Today Sunday nothing better to do so I randomly booted into BIOS to take a look, happened to notice that the CPU temperature was 100 degrees, thought that was definitely abnormal, the casing feels so hot especially the bottom is almost like burning, don't remember this kind of temp when I bought it last year.

Since nothing to do, I found the following video and opened up the casing, wah the dust so damn thick, no wonder running at 100 degrees lol.

The casing a bit challenging to open, it's like trying to open a laptop casing, I think I may have somehow bent the fins a bit but I guess it's ok since it doesn't look too…

HDB Haven't Contact Me to Sign Lease Agreement

On 22 May 2019, I applied for the Tengah BTO together with my parents under the "Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS)".

On 26 Jul 2019, I booked a flat and also paid the option fee. My parents also did the same thing on the same day since we are under the same scheme so must book together.

In the option to purchase document, HDB will invite me to sign the lease agreement within 4 months from the date of the option, by now already past 4 months but no news yet.

I also checked the HDB portal, also no date assigned for the lease agreement appointment.

Anyway I dropped them an email to see what they say.

By the way on the day of signing the lease agreement, I suppose to pay 5% of the purchase price of S$240,800, which is S$12,040, and my CPF OA can fully pay for it.

As for my parents, I think they don't even need to pay until they collect the keys because they are eligible for the deferred downpayment scheme since they are right-sizing i.e. downgrade from 3-room to 2-room…

Sudden Toothache Since Yesterday Night

Yesterday when I went to sleep, the upper and lower teeth on my right cheek started to ache, not sure what happened, maybe because I drank some orange juice which I left in my bag for a few weeks, don't think it is expired but I guess the acid caused the ache.

Whole night all the way till 4-5am cannot sleep, then fell asleep and woke up at 6am+ due to the ache, then sleep again until 8am woke up then go see the dentist.

The dentist found cracks on my teeth, the one on upper right cheek is most severe, so she gave me an injection and then filled the crack. Also took x-ray, seems like teeth structure is ok. She say the crack is due to grinding at night, same diagnosis as my last dental visit.

Last dental visit in Apr 2018.

Then she recommended getting a night guard to protect my teeth, custom-made one for S$350, I think if two doctors give me the same advise, it's definitely time to do it. She said think of it as an investment, I have to agree with her, especially when she told m…

Wah This Amos Yee, Now PhD in Child Predatorial Science


He went to overseas to make Singapore proud, now he become so (in)famous in US, even the major online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Tweeter had to shut him down because he is simply too (in)famous.
"I really love the thrill of voicing a controversial opinion that’s right and creating a huge buzz and discussion around it. You obviously see that from me when I decided to criticise religion and the Singapore Government while I was in Singapore, so paedophilia just seems like a natural extension of that in the US" Actually he can just say he is an attention whore, no need to talk until like so chim. He can also say he pleasure himself by pcc to children pictures, no need to use chim words like "paedophilia".
"Now I know some of you might accuse me of ‘betraying’ Singapore, but that applies only if one has the obligation to care about a country just because they were born there, which they don’t, so sayonara friends" Good for him lor, keng sia…

LTA Reply on PMD Ban

Previously I dropped enquires to NParks and also LTA as my estate don't even have cycling path nor park connector network (PCN) so I asked them how my wife can make use of the PMD to send our daughter to kindergarten, NParks say they are working with LTA and will update me again.

Today LTA replied, they pretty much just copied certain parts of the transcript of what Lam Pin Min said in parliament on 04 Nov 2019, the full transcript is here:

Like that I might as well just read the transcript right. These government bodies really don't know doing what, just copy and paste without addressing citizen concern. I already provided postal codes of our home, the kindergarten and told them my estate don't even have cycling path nor PCN and they still reply to tell me can ride on cycling path and PCN, wah kin nan na like talking to wall.

Sigh, ban also good la, if one day my family also kena knocked down then how, t…