20 September 2013

Starhub Cable TV Bill Problem Again

Last month I was charged S$4.50 before GST for this KaraOK! Day Pass, I called Starhub and it ended up as if me or my family member accidentally subscribed for it, ok, I followed their advise and put on a Purchase Lock to prevent such accident in future, and the guy waived the charge for me saying they can only do it one time. I don't watch the cable TV, only my parents watch it, I checked with them and they said they are sure they didn't press anything funny, they are well aware that for things that need payment, there will be a price tag on the screen so they won't go and press it.

Today I received my bill and they did waive the charge for me, but to my surprise, they charged me for the same thing again, what the heck, so I called them, I told them I have the Purchase Lock enabled so how can anyone purchase anything, the guy put me on hold and came back after a while, this time he told me I also need to put a Parental Lock to block the KaraOK! channel 888, and he said he will waive it one last time for me. So this time, I blocked all the channels with the word "demand" including the stupid karaoke channel and changed the pin number. I also checked the Purchase Lock is actually still on so I think nobody messed with it, I don't think my parents know where to remove the lock.

We'll see, now I have all the locks on, and if the stupid KaraOK! appears again on my October bill, wah, then must be done by ghost.

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Anonymous said...

but past Hungry Ghost month already mah.