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Another Year Ending Soon

Looking back at the start of this year, that time my wife was a few months pregnant and baby's due date was 15 Jun 2015, ended up deliver on 20 May and thankfully baby is healthy except for her small hole in heart which is nothing serious.

So what major things happened this year for me, arrival of baby of course, also got a promotion with good increment and bonus, other than that nothing much, haha my life is so boring.

I hope next year also can get a good increment and bonus, and hope wife and baby's health insurance will go through, even if don't go through at least still have Medishield Life which is still great just that there are some limitations, and it doesn't cover overseas hospitalization. Also hope that baby's hole in heart will close by itself so no need any surgery, but I think wife might need to go for operation to change her heart valve, doctor say there is improvement from her earlier echo scan but he still recommend changing it.

Anyway I hope 2015 h…

Next Year No Property Tax

I received a letter from IRAS saying that due to the annual value of my home being $6000, I don't have to pay property tax for 01 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2016, that's one good thing about having small home lol.

Selling House before MOP

I still have 3 years and 5 months before my 2-room flat reach the MOP, anyway yesterday I checked with HDB whether they have any scheme for me to sell my flat early, at valuation or slightly below also ok, they say have to submit appeal to higher level but they don't think it is possible since my reason is not that strong.

My reason given to them is now that I have a baby daughter, I would like to upgrade so as to let her have her own room, I also think reason not that strong but no harm asking. The officer also advised me to take the Top-Up Grant of $15,000, I say don't want la, later have to pay $15,000 for resale levy.

So no choice just wait for MOP lor, but that time when I bought my 2-room I also never expected to have baby because wife have heart condition, but who knows our miracle baby was born, all the doctors we seen before would advise us to terminate the pregnancy, only this NUH cardio willing to see through the pregnancy with my wife on Warfarin, so I am very than…

Baby Can Sit by Herself

Today she is finally able to sit by herself on the bed without assistance, but occasionally she will fall back but still it's a milestone achieved. Today she is 7 months and 4 days old. Hopefully she can start to talk and walk, but now she still can't flip over, I think because she is plump, but at least she can stand with assistance.

Double Long Weekends!

Woohoo, company announced this Thursday and next Thursday can work half-day, this year so special so many long weekends, next year not so good so enjoy while it's good.

Anyway I have contacted my insurance agent, I told her to declare that I am a smoker, pay more premium is fine, most important is when need to claim can claim, if now never declare next time when they find out then jia lat. I also asked my agent to prepare hospital and term insurance for wife and baby, have exclusion is ok as long as can cover other illnesses.

Nowadays so dangerous, anything can happen, better to be insured than be sorry.

Received Refund from

That day I was talking about me being overcharged by, an overcharge of $1.99, today I noticed a refund from them, it shows up in my statement as S$2.01 cr, I believe cr means credit, so they credited that amount back to my card, I checked and it is indeed deducting from my overall spending.

I thought they should be crediting 1.99, how come it is 2.01 instead, but anyway the point here is did a great job in resolving this issue, it's not even one week and the refund is completed, well done, will definitely book from them again and recommend my friends.

Received Letter for Enhanced Baby Bonus

Letter says all babies born on or after 01 Jan 2015 will be eligible for $2000 more baby bonus, this extra cash is call "Baby Bonus Plus". $1000 will be paid when baby is 15 months old, the last $1000 will be when baby is 18 months old.

Collected Daughter's Passport

I booked an appointment at 11 AM to collect at ICA, need to bring the pink card which they mailed to me, my NRIC and baby's original birth certificate. We reached early and registered around 10.35 AM, we were called at around 11 AM, the whole process took less than 5 minutes and at 11.05 AM we were done, but there is a massive crowd, I think holiday season so a lot of people renewing their passports, lucky we have appointment or else if we walk-in I think have to wait a few hours, so moral of the story is always book appointment before collecting passport.

Green Luggage Bag Arrived

Yesterday I bought two luggage bags from Zalora and the green one arrived first, the blue one they still preparing, don't know when they are going to send. It turn out to be very small, I thought it is the medium size type but actually it is the type that can easily fit into the cabin compartment, but never mind, lucky I bought two, anyway I also wanted to buy the smaller ones, can use even if not traveling overseas.

So next time if you see size (in cm) 50+ means it is the small one, can fit into cabin compartment, 60+ is like a medium, probably have to check-in, 70+ is the really big one, confirm must check-in. I think it is good to get at least one of the small ones, plus a one medium, those big ones I think kind of pointless, why the hell would anyone want to bring so much stuff, traveling is supposed to be relaxing, don't see any joy in carrying huge luggage around, but when I travel I do see people carrying those massive luggage, phew, wonder what they put inside.

Booked Hotel and Bought New Luggage Bags

For this coming trip, we will be visiting wife's hometown and will eventually be staying in Bangkok for the last 2 nights, so I thought we might as well book a hotel near MBK and then we can go shopping without having to take any transportation. I ended up booking Mercure Bangkok Siam, it is very near to MBK and also very near to Siam Paragon.

I happened to book it at an advertised low price of $85 per night, and when I thought I was going to pay 2 x $85 which is $170, the final amount came with an extra $29 for "Taxes and fees", so total became $199, ok fine, seems like a very decent hotel and the location is superb so I don't really mind.

And today when I checked my credit card statement, they charged me $200.99 instead of $199, what the hell, an extra $1.99, not that I really care about this $1.99 it's just that I don't know what it is for so it is unacceptable if I'm going to pay for nothing.

So I emailed their customer service at around 12 PM to enqu…

Baby Richer than Wife lol

I just checked baby's CDA inside have more than $9K, my wife only have $2K+ inside her bank lol.

So far I topped up $4500 into the CDA, then government matched 1:1 put another $4500 inside. Then this year budget government put $500 inside, the rest all interest from bank. Not bad, at this rate can save a good sum for baby's education.

Confirmed Trip to Thailand

Previously planning to go this month but in the end decided to cancel because next month going for reservist so I don't want to take long leaves in successive months. So this time I bought tickets for me, wife and baby to go in Mar next year, during the school holidays, parents cannot go because busy.

I bought tickets to and from Bangkok for Singapore Airlines only $633 because now got promotion, I never take SQ before so good chance for me to try, always wanted to experience for myself why our airline is one of the best in the world.

Then for Udon Thani we try the Thai Airways, in Baht total is 6375, about $248, if book Nok Air more than 7000 Baht because of the extra baggage selection, funny Thai Airways end up cheaper lol. When I was in army we flew Thai Airways to Kanchanaburi camp for training, I remember the plane quite small, but that was 12 years ago, now they should have upgraded to bigger planes.

And good thing about flying full-fledged airlines is the fare price include…

Bought iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB Rose Gold (A1687) for Wife

She had an iPad 4 bought in late 2012 when it was just launched and now it is broken, that day she was angry so she smashed it lol, buy so expensive and yet so easily destroyed, what a waste of money, I think that time bought at $658, the 16 GB version with only wifi. And as her mobile phone is very old, we decided to get an iphone instead, one device multiple uses.
So today we went to VivoCity Starhub shop, many people but many counters so didn't wait very long. We signed for the 4G 3GB plan at $42.90 a month (inclusive of gst), got the phone at $716 but have to pay another $26.75 for a new sim card because her old sim card cannot fit into the phone. The iPhone sim card is much smaller. Also bought casing and screen protector, $15 each. At first we checked out one stall, one casing $39, lucky never buy, went downstair the same looking casing $15 lol what the hell.
After that we went home and tried the device, it is almost like her iPad because the OS is the same iOS9, I think onl…

ICA eAppointment System Hang LOL

Two days ago I applied passport for daughter, today I checked my email and noticed that it was approved, I thought wah so fast, damn efficient can collect next week, and so need to book appointment to collect, so I happily go to their appointment system, enter daughter's NRIC and a File Reference No, this is actually the Application Reference No when I applied the passport, starts with P/2015XXXXXXXXXSIP, and I got an error message "Please check that you have entered the correct NRIC No. and File Ref No.", what the hell!

Then I called ICA, the lady told me because today is Saturday so maybe the system hang because too many people using, wah piang, like that also can. But then I noticed that the website have a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, so I guess they are probably doing something, maybe I try again on Monday.

Apply Passport for Baby

Just now tried to apply online and the ICA image cropping tool doesn't work, then I found this site can crop the image to ICA requirement of 400 by 514, cannot more cannot less lol.

See nice or not:

Then pay online $70.