16 August 2017

Wow, Country Never Forget Me

Today received a letter about NS50 package, they giving out $100 voucher and a 1 year complimentary Safra membership for people who are serving or have served NS, really touched my heart.

The Safra membership is not auto-renewable so it's a good thing, just try 1 year, no use just let it expire, nothing to lose.

The really good thing is the $100 voucher, it's as good as giving out $100 cash because can use at a lot of places, Fairprice and Sheng Siong, so just imagine buying $100 of groceries, diapers, milk powder etc.

12 August 2017

Sakae Sushi Weekend Buffet

Today went to their Marina Square branch and realized they have buffet on weekends.

The link to their website.

$28++ for adult seems like a good deal, I think not limited to any colour plate, if two adults including service charge and GST will be around $65.52.

End up we ate ala carte $65.35, almost the same price.

If big eater buffet definitely more worth it.

05 August 2017

Feels Better, Went Shopping

My rashes are mostly gone, don't feel super itchy now, I think it is the heat. I tried using Dove shower foam and put on palmer's cocoa butter cream, it actually helps with the itch, so most likely it is dry skin. I also eat fish oil, drink prune juice to try to clean out whatever crap is in my body, somehow now feels better.

So today went to eat my favourite curry chicken at Bao Today.

After that bought a 2-in-1 vaccum cleaner, it is the standing type, can also remove and become a hand-held, good for cleaning those smaller areas, especially mattress and sofa because baby like to eat and drop everywhere. Bought for $225 at Gain City. The suction very powerful, damn useful.

01 August 2017

Went to Bed 11 PM, Wake Up 12 PM

Yesterday 11PM ate 1x 25mg Hizin and went to bed, only felt legs a bit light other than that still don't feel as sleepy as doctor suggested (she said if eat 1 cannot wake up then eat half, I suppose it is some strong drug). 11.30PM ate another 25mg, felt a little more kick but still not sleepy. 12AM ate another 25mg, this time felt sleepy, itch on arms felt less intense. Somehow woke up at 1.30AM, felt super drowsy but notice that the burning sensation on both arms were gone, rash seems to have subsided significantly. Thought might as so ate another 25mg and went back to bed. Total ate 100mg of Hizin. I read online 100mg is for sedation.

I managed to sleep until 6AM+ and got woken up by intense itching all over, especially arms and lower back, like kena bitten by thousands of big red ants. Really at a loss of what to do, pace back and forth between kitchen and living room, thinking want to drop by polyclinic before they open.

I then tried eating 1x Telfast 180mg and 2x Prednisolone 20mg, sat down on sofa, somehow the intense itching subsided, so I laid back and rest, the itch really gone, then I went back to bed and slept till 12PM+.

After I woke up, rash on both arms seems to be gone mostly, no more intense itch and burning sensation, just some random itch at legs and lower back. Hopefully tomorrow can go back to work, yesterday MC today AL, 2 days sure pile up a lot of shit.

31 July 2017

Super Itchy Rash

Last Monday I saw a GP for a patch of rash on my tummy, actually it has been there for quite some time, probably several months, lost count, but got so large and itchy until I cannot take it then I go see the doctor. Other than the rash at tummy, my torso, back, arms, fingers and legs also felt a bit itchy, but not as itchy as tummy. The itch at tummy can be described as super itchy, takes a hell lot of willpower not to scratch it, the rest kind of random, come and go type so still quite bearable.

The doctor thinks it is my belt buckle, mine is a metal buckle, not sure exactly what material though, he advised me to change to plastic buckle, gave me some Telfast and Melomet, told me to make sure I apply the cream. I did as he advised, changed to a plastic hook kind of belt (improvised by wife), put on the Melomet cream as prescribed, now the tummy itch is totally gone and the skin area seems to be recovering. The Telfast didn't help with the body itch though, still the same after consuming daily.

Four days later which was last Friday, tummy rash really gone for good, but body itch seems to be getting a bit more intense, didn't see doctor, read online about Zyrtec, took half-day leave to buy at Guardian and tried to self-medicate at home. Lesson here is never try to self-medicate but who knows, sometimes it works, sometimes end up making it worse. I suffered intense body itch for the weekend and today, even at night while sleeping also can get woken up by the itch, sibei jia lat, itchiest time of my life.

The Zyrtec didn't help at all, it is as ineffective as the Telfast, body itch got much worse. See these photos I took today, my right arm seems to be the worst-hit, legs, torso, back, upper butt, fingers, the little red bumps are super itchy, feels same like the rash at tummy area but this time is whole body, feels like kena bitten by thousands of big red ants, pain and super itchy at the same time.

So today I went back to the GP, showed her the rashes, she didn't seem surprised at all, she even touched the super gross area on my right arm, I asked whether it is contagious, she said no, well that's a good thing because I don't want to spread to wife and baby, anyway if the GP dare to touch then confirm not contagious.

I then specifically told her that the itch is so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. She gave me some Telfast, told her it is not effective, and I have tried Zyrtec, she said Telfast is actually stronger, wow, unfortunately both don't work for me. Then she also prescribed Prednisolone and Hizin, the first is a steroid, latter is to help me sleep at night. Finally is Neoderm cream.

Right now I have consumed Telfast with Prednisolone, applied the Neoderm cream, feels a little bit better, still itchy but not as intense, can tahan type. Can't wait till tonight to try the Hizin, hope can sleep well.

By the way the GP thinks it could be food allergy, probably some stuff that hawkers put, makes me think twice about eating out now. Personally I think could be due to the hot days these few weeks, some days are just super hot, last Saturday I went for a run, it was quite hot, not sure if it made my rash worse.

30 July 2017

Brinda's Indian Food @ Bukit Merah Central

Chicken briyani set $8.80 comes with drink, a big piece of chicken, fragrant briyani rice, veggie yogurt, curry sauce and spiced crackers, quite power.

The service staff also very friendly, I asked for iced milo, told me they don't sell iced milo, then she suggested how about a cup of ice with hot milo, I said no thanks but I really appreciate something out of the ordinary, totally didn't expect that.

Oh by the way in the restaurant they have hot water dispenser, really helpful, you don't see this much in Singapore, probably never.

29 July 2017

Just Another Saturday

Typical Saturday, go shopping mall, eat lunch, buy stuff, buy stuff tonight eat, getting kind of repetitive. At least lunch was great, the dumplings were very nice and juicy, the chinese roti prata also power, eat with the brinjal really shiok.

24 July 2017

NEA Called Me

Previously I mentioned about the solar powered CCTV behind my block, I thought it was installed by NEA, but today one of their officers called me regarding the case that I lodged, asked him and he said not that he know of, he also mentioned theirs is like the LTA type, don't know what LTA CCTV looks like though.

I told him the littering happens every few days, but as I'm not home in the day so I don't really know which unit did it. My wife also don't actively check the window to try to catch the culprit, kind of no point if it is two units away, can't see also.

The officer mentioned that they will conduct house visits to the units above me, eventually they will install the CCTV. He said actually they did conduct house visits earlier but the owners never open the door. I think if this time still cannot reach the owners they will probably go ahead and install the CCTV.

23 July 2017

Just Another Weekend

Went shopping with wife and baby, found this store at Anchorpoint where they sell baby products. They have this high-definition TV with blu-ray quality cartoon, really great idea, can keep the kids occupied while we do our shopping.

Kids when they get around age 2+, start to get restless, everything must touch, everywhere must explore, so inquisitive, sometimes can keep crying and throwing tantrum if they get fixated on something, such as a toy, a ride or a cute looking chocolate, especially that damn kinder bueno egg.

Wonder how was I behaving when I was her age..

Anyway bought some BBQ ribs and huge dogs at cold storage, quite nice, not the best but ok for the price.

19 July 2017

Back Feels Better

After sleeping on new bed for 2 nights, the pain on lower left back is much lessened, now tingles a bit but feels so much better.

This made me realize that the bed is a very important item, should never ever scrimp on this, expensive never mind most important is good quality and durable.

Next time if move house I'm going to get a good bed, full latex bed, maybe buy from USA and ship here, think might be cheaper than buying in SG.

17 July 2017

New Bed is Here

Just 3 rolls, can pack until so compact.

The old ti lam and mattress wife put below.

I lie on top really comfortable, definitely feels better than ti lam, really looking forward to first sleep on new bed.

16 July 2017

Bought New Mattress at IKEA

My lower left back keeps hurting, think it is from the cheap ti lam, now I never kena the super jia lat back pain but always have this pain at left area all the time. The last major back pain was in Feb 2016, ti lam works to solve the major back pain but cause long-lasting pain, sigh. Or maybe the ti lam too cheap, too soft, can actually feel my backbone touching the floor.

So since I got my bonus, instead of spending it on a laptop which I don't really need, might as well get a proper mattress, ended up deciding to check out IKEA since it is near my home.

Before going I did some research on mattress, seems like latex is the best but it is more expensive. Note that there are different types of latex, natural is the best and most expensive. There are also synthetic and blended latex, I think these could be cheaper options. But online some people say synthetic can get very warm.

There's also foam or spring mattresses, spring confirm out, reason is because kids like to jump and eventually it will spoil which was what happened to mine, so I rather take foam.

So IKEA don't sell full natural latex mattress, but even if they sell I guess one queen size would be around $2-$3k+.

End up I bought a 150x200x14cm (width, length, height, queen size) Malvik firm foam mattress for $299 and a 150x200x7cm Tromsdalen mattress padding for $599.

And today then I know the concept of putting a mattress padding on top of a mattress, previously thought it was kind of stupid, now then I realize actually it has some uses such as add extra padding, another use is can mix and match, that's why I choose a firm foam mattress, then on top I put a good quality padding, great strategy right haha.

Reason why the mattress padding is so expensive is because inside there is natural latex, of the 7cm, 4cm is latex, and of the latex, 85% is natural, 15% is synthetic, so actually it is a blended type of latex. So you can imagine if pure latex one bed can be super expensive, too luxurious for me.

I get IKEA to send, delivery charge $35, tomorrow send, tomorrow can finally sleep on a proper bed.

15 July 2017

Sakae Sushi Improved a Bit

Today don't know what to eat so gave Sakae one shot, turns out to be not bad, the rice today is just nice.

They also brought back some of their old menu items like the takoyaki, why did they take it out in the first place.

The avocado cheese salmon sushi with caviar also nice, very cheesy and creamy.

14 July 2017

Noticed a Solar Powered CCTV

It's right behind my block, looks like it is focused at my air-con unit. I think installed by NEA after I feedback to them about the rubbish on my air-con unit. Hope they catch the asshole in the act and fine him/her jia lat jia lat.

09 July 2017

HDB Window is a Giant Trash Bin

Today good catch, even got oreo, wonder what present I will receive next time, kind of exciting. This reminds me of the used, bloodied sanitary pad that I saw in my neighbourhood.

Report to NEA also no use, done that, at most they come stake-out for 10-15mins and go back write report say didn't notice anything unusual, then update me saying they staked-out but didn't find anything so basically nothing will change.

Report to HDB they will most likely refer me to NEA, then back to square one.

Call police they will refer me to NEA, then back to square one.

So might as well just do nothing since throwing things out of window is so common that nobody cares.

I reported to NEA anyway, don't really hope for any change, see how it goes.

08 July 2017

Chinatown Complex Roast Duck is the Best

Hawker centre food is the best, cheap and good.

Now also got sell salted egg pork floss at the Fragrance bak gwa shop.

07 July 2017

Hmm, Today Feel Very Good

These few days feel good at work, now less stressed because I got a new staff to help me, and the greatest thing is that this new staff seems competent so far, whatever task I assigned she can do it fast, really power. Now I can be more focused on the higher level stuff so no need to be bogged down by the stupid little things.

Another booster is this year increment not so bad, bonus also ok, better than last year.

Think I might just stay longer, anyway also no lobang, want to jump also no where to jump.

Tomorrow Saturday, looking forward to going out with wife and baby ;)

01 July 2017

Yum Cha Suckling Pig So Expensive

The suckling pig one dish $19.80, portion not so big, enough for two but still kind of expensive, taste ok though, skin is very crispy but I think the normal roasted pork is better.

26 June 2017

Everybody Got Sick

I spread the virus/bacteria to wife and baby, now both of them also sick, good thing they recover fast, baby recover the fastest, young person seems to have much stronger immune system and that is strange. Another good thing is that today is public holiday so no need to work.

Maybe next time I sick I check-in to a hotel or something, should have a hotel for sick people to choose to be isolated from others so as not to spread the sickness around.

24 June 2017

Sick Today

Today thought want to go somewhere, end up getting sick, have a bad headache and cough, wonder how I got the virus/bacteria, maybe because I was caught in the rain yesterday.

Anyway just want to share that if you have a bad cough, Robitussin is the best home remedy, the Wood's cough syrup is not bad but only good for minor irritation. Also tried the pi pa gao which is completely useless, it's like eating sugar. I only took one sip of Robitussin and now I feel so much better.

23 June 2017

Yeah! Long Weekend!

Been looking forward to this long weekend, even though I have no special plan in mind but still feels great to be able to rest, get away from the work for a while.

So tomorrow maybe we will drop by Pasir Ris, I heard from my colleague it looks completely different now, the resorts have been replaced with hotels and now they have level 2 shopping areas. Last time I went was so long ago, can't even remember when.

Singapore develop at such a super fast pace, never go a place for too long next time you go totally different, just look at the Sim Lim Square area, now look totally different. Even the Outram Park area also totally changed.

Sometimes feel a bit sad that the places that I went to when I was younger are now gone, a bit scary also.

20 June 2017

This Year Bonus and Increment Not Bad

Bonus get 2.27 months, increment is 2.94%, not a lot but better than last year.

Anyway don't know what to do with this extra money, maybe just leave it in bank, don't want to buy stocks, don't want to buy laptop, at first thought want to get an aftershock laptop, end up find it kind of wasteful since I already got a desktop which is quite decent.

18 June 2017

Nvidia ShadowPlay is Great

The beauty of this software is that it uses the graphics card to do the recording, so when I game and record at the same time I don't feel any lag at all.

It comes with the GeForce Experience software, just press alt+z to open the options in-game.

Can check out this video that I recorded, video quality is good and smooth.

This link for the system requirements.

I'm using GTX 960 and it's working fine.

16 June 2017

Thinking of Getting a Laptop

Custom-built my desktop in 2009, until now almost 8 years, in between changed a few graphics card and upgraded ram, I think also upgraded hard-disk once.

My current spec

Motherboard: Gigabyte P55M-UD2
Processor: Intel i5 750 @ 2.66GHz
Memory: 8GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz
Graphics: GTX 960 2GB
Display: Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS
Storage: 500GB HDD

The rest not really worth mentioning.

Actually my desktop still serves me well but problem is it's too big, it's a mid tower so the CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse takes up my whole table, and my CPU sometimes also a bit siao siao cannot start, have to off then on once or twice then can start, think it's the motherboard problem.

Anyway I'm looking at the Aftershock S-15, now got promotion seems like very value for money, if pay cash is $2485.

I also checked out Alienware for the same spec, it cost $3400+, almost $1000 difference!

Also looked at the Razer Blade, screen is smaller at 14", seems like no G-Sync, storage only SSD, Windows don't know whether it's home or professional version, with the 256 SSD is $2740+, with 512 SSD is $3049+.

I think Alienware and Razer is more like branded goods, pay more for the brand name.

Also took a look at the Origin PC, also another branded goods, cost between $3600-$3800+ for around similar spec, wah piang, I think only carrot head will buy.

13 June 2017

13 Kilos of Sai Removed from Man's Body


This case of constipation is the worse I have ever seen, how can it be possible to choke until 13 kilos of sai and not do anything until so last minute, really unbelievable.

12 June 2017

Mitsubishi Starmex So Easy to Clean

Bought the aircon in 2014, so far very happy with it because it is cold and very easy to clean. Today just cleaned and looked back, realized so fast 3 years already.

Cleaning just need to remove filter and spray, then the vane part can easily detach and just clean with wet tissues. Just need to clean about every 2-3 months or when the filter start to get too thick with dust (can feel it because aircon will be less cold than usual).

I don't call for the casual servicing, find it useless and waste of money, the only useful service is the chemical overhaul, but only need to do every 1.5 to 2 years, depending on how heavy the usage.

11 June 2017

Indian Food Seller Seems more Generous

One packet of curry chicken briyani rice is $5.50, may seem more expensive but the piece of chicken is actually quite big, like 1/4 of a chicken, the briyani rice also large serving, one person can eat two times. $5.50 divided by 2 is $2.75.

Compared to chinese economical rice, one packet can range from $3.50 to $5 or $6 if you choose fish. Let's say $5.50 same as indian food, choose fish and two veggies, the fish miserably small piece, veggies also miserably little, rice also quite little, eat one time also not enough. Some bastard stalls add rice still charge $0.20. Totally not economical at all.

But of course if go to old estate hawker centres, the old school chinese economical rice the best, choose fish max is $4, some more the fish is a whole fish, don't choose fish $2.50 also have. Food court really too profit-oriented, or rent too high, pass the cost to consumers, never mind, serving so miserable, might as well just eat indian food.

05 June 2017

Neck Pain since Weekend

Last Saturday morning woke up with a pain on my neck and upper back area, wonder what happened, as if somebody karate-kicked my neck while I was sleeping. Today still never recover, most probably because yesterday never sleep well.

Middle of the night somebody above was knocking something, must be crazy, 3 or 4 am don't know knock what, really crazy family. Then my wife woke me up a few times, she said my snoring scared the baby, what the heck, I think snore also because of the neck pain. Today woke up feeling super stoned, took MC. Weekend sometimes also cannot rest properly, jia lat.

Then just recall last Saturday night above family ki siao, think also 3 or 4 am, they were fighting fiercely, slamming stuff, yelling loudly, even the neighbour beside me also wake up, can hear the uncle complaining. Complain to HDB has proven to be useless, thinking of call police but most likely police also lan lan refer us to HDB, back to square one. This type of problem difficult to solve, either I leave or they leave. Sometimes in my mind I wishing a big fire burn down their house with their family, really evil lol.

Baby Enjoying Ice Cream

Getting fatter, she seldom eat all these junk, mostly she drinks nestle milk powder, she can drink a lot, one week can finish one big tin (1.8 KG tin).

04 June 2017

Magnolia Coconut Ice Cream with Kellogg's Frosties

Been wanting to try this, it goes well together, actually vanilla ice cream also can, could be better.

Another can try is Nestle Honey Gold Flakes, but I think might not be so nice.

27 May 2017

Ssikkek Chinatown

This must be one of the best value for money restaurant, one person $28+, can eat many meat. The thick glass noodle is my favourite, the potato salad also damn power.

24 May 2017

Received My Fourth Adsense Payment

Last payment.

This time received $155.03, they sent the payment on 21 May 2017, I received on 23 May 2017 via my bank account.

23 May 2017

Skip Work Two Days

Yesterday took leave, today take again, thought of going to work really sibei sian. My wife gave me a disapproving look lol, anyway so fed up with the work and the people there, feel like quitting now.

But next month getting bonus, so get first then see how, maybe want to look for a new job, this current job really draining my life force.

Maybe go work at McDonald's, can eat their food everyday so no need to pay for food. Now I see their salary not bad, long long ago one hour only $3.50 now have $5+.

Or maybe go work at MBS, dress suit so smart looking.

I'm looking for a job with great culture, lower salary is fine, higher pay not happy also useless, unless one month $10-$20k not happy I also don't mind.

20 May 2017

Salted Egg Chicken at Essen Pinacle

Forgot exactly how much if not wrong I think $10.90. Big chicken pieces (actually more like the batter is thick), very sinful and delicious. The homemade chilli sauce is super, taste like chicken rice chilli sauce, perfect for chicken, but if you don't like spicy better not put because it is quite spicy.

At first I thought it is some high class restaurant, actually it's a western food court, they even have beer bar, craft beer, tower beer, 3L asahi $65. Other non-alcohol drinks is like food court prices, $1.80 to $2+. Also have coffee machine, have latte and cappuccino.