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Opened DBS Multiplier Account

The HR at my new job told me about the account and that people in the company were using it to credit their salary, actually I knew about the account because one or two years back I checked it out, I vaguely remember I didn't qualify or it sucked, so yesterday I went to DBS website to see what the hype is about and found that they revised the account, now it actually looks very attractive. I also found the following in their FAQ : So it looks like previously I didn't sign up because the interest rate was shit, have to transact $7500 a month to get 1.08%, otherwise just 0.05%. Based on the new structure I can get 1.9% for salary and credit card spending, or 2.2% if I buy stock via DBS Vickers, CDP dividend credit also count, wah not bad leh. Like that no need to think already, yesterday I went to ibanking and opened the account, online open is immediate, damn fast, then I also transferred some spare cash inside, nowadays so convenient open bank account at fingertip.

Uniqlo Online Store

Today I found that they have an online store, and free delivery for orders above $60. So I ordered two shorts for myself and two bras for my wife. I think Uniqlo is unique as in they have no shortage of customers because their products are very high quality, affordable and welcomed by different demographics, they probably came up with an online store to help with the crowds, because almost every time I went to their store it's packed. Some retail shops open online store because they don't have the crowd so going online is one way for them to stay alive. IKEA is another one, they only have two stores in SG, even weekdays you can see a crowd, especially at their restaurant which serves quality food at affordable prices.

Chicken King - Foodpanda

For the pricing the portion and quality is more than decent, can feel that the chef really put in effort to cook properly, no wonder so many good reviews. Total including delivery is $33.60, if eat at Jack's Place or Swensen's like this minimum $50 or more after the service charge and GST. I wonder in future how will restaurants survive now that food delivery is getting popular, more affordable, more value for money, restaurant quality, and at your doorstep. King Size Striploin Steak - $15.80 Mixed Grilled Giant Sausage Combo - $14.80

Baby Fell and Hit Her Mouth

She was playing near my computer desk and suddenly she tripped and fell and started crying. Then wife noticed that baby's mouth was bleeding, the bleeding was from her upper lip and upper labial frenulum. I then examined her teeth, looks ok, only the labial frenulum tissue seems to be slightly torn, googled online most sources indicate that it's not a cause for concern and will heal by itself. Some people even had surgery to remove a frenulum if it is obstructing normal mouth functions. Sigh, small house so everything crammed together, I think because the bed was too close to the desk, she probably bounced and lost balance and hit the sharp corner of my desk. Hope I can get a bigger house so she can have her own room, now my flat only one bedroom so no choice she have to sleep with us.

Signed Letter of Appointment and Tendered Resignation

So today I accepted the new job, went down to their head office to sign the letter, contractual terms about the same as current company, actually overall not much difference, very standard stuff, only difference is about 4.9% higher salary. After that they briefed me on the company policies and systems, when to start and etc, also pretty standard stuff. Then after that since everything confirmed, I sent out the official resignation letter, one month notice, today 23 Jul tender means my last day is on 22 Aug, which happens to be a public holiday, so I guess my current HR will settle with me on 21 Aug instead. This is really destiny, I didn't plan for it but happen to be so zhun, this month have two public holidays, and both falls within my notice period and the last one is on my last day lol. The thing with resignation notice is that even public holiday also count in notice period. Now I'm looking forward to my new job, new place new people, hope many interesting things to

Carl's Junior Got Back to Me

So last weekend I ate one and a half raw chicken sandwich, good thing I didn't feel unwell, think my stomach very strong, must have killed all the bacteria, but anyway I feedback through the Carl's Junior website because I don't other people to eat raw chicken burger, I'm just lucky nothing happened to me but if it happens to someone else with a weaker stomach it can be life threatening. Then today one of their guys called me and apologized. I sent him the photos and receipt and he said he will go down to the store to investigate and then call me back. Later in the afternoon he did call back and told me he have already briefed the staff at the branch and he offered refund but I declined, told him it's good enough that he educated his staff but he insisted on providing some compensation in the form of voucher so I accepted. But thinking about it, remember the case where one guy had his limbs cut off after eating raw fish, heng I'm ok, different people

Beware of Carl's Junior "Chargrilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich"

Yesterday I bought one "Original Thickburger" and two "Chargrilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich" from their Marina Square branch, the thickburger was amazing as usual, the chicken sandwich tasted alright but find it a bit chewy, the last chicken sandwich was for my wife, she didn't eat so I kept in the fridge. So today dinner she microwaved it, I took a big bite, then noticed the middle looked a bit weird, I thought it's some sort of meat glue, after I took a closer look found that actually it's still RAW!!! No wonder yesterday one so chewy, but lucky I didn't feel unwell, now feel really disgusted. I hope they don't sell this shit to other people, but probably many have already eaten their RAW Chicken Sandwich.

Went to Marina Square to See NDP Rehearsal

Managed to get a view of the combat engineers floating platform, I used to be in the 35th Singapore Combat Engineers so this brings back a lot of memories. During my time it's not so advanced, have to manually build the platform part by part like building Lego, now it looks like 5 big trucks combined into one platform, all automated. Last time powered by tug boats to move around, now looks like the truck itself can control the movements. Now then realised actually very satki, definitely the coolest part of the entire NDP rehearsal but stand down there not easy, they probably have to stand there for hours.

SingHealth Data Breach

Yesterday received a broadcast from boss, told to be on alert for the next few weeks, never really pay much attention because my thoughts all on my new job and interview, kept thinking about it because it seemed so unreal because so fast so furious lol. Anyway this morning when I checked the news, seems like quite a big incident, making headlines everywhere online, SingHealth even came up with an e-service to check whether my data was illegally accessed. SingHealth Website: Data Check: My own data ok, probably because I hardly visit their clinic, mostly I visit GP. But my wife's data was illegally accessed: So according to the e-service, her name, NRIC number, address, gender, race and date of birth was accessed. Good thing is I don't see any contact info or financial info such as card number, anyway she also don't have credit card. Each field by itself is quite useless espec

Today Went for Interview

On Monday night I updated my profile on a whim with one extra line of current job experience, actually quite outdated so haven't really update finish but anyway on the next day out of the blue a recruiter called me and asked if I was looking for a job, was quite surprised but I said yes, and he spoke to me about 3 openings and told me he will send my profile to the hiring companies. Then later in the day he told me I got selected for an interview by one of the companies and arranged the session for today. So today I went for the interview, took a one hour technical test, cannot use smartphone to google, it was some multiple choice questions on core Java and JEE which was quite alright, then have to write one line of Javascript to change an input value, this one I think I got it a bit wrong, who the heck in this day and age set the value this way, nowadays all using JQuery or some other JS libraries, some more ask me to use pen to write on paper, the only time I actu

Salted Egg Pork Rib Rice

Looks very delicious but actually a bit bland, the sauce should be a bit sweeter, overall still not bad.

Fettuccine, Bacon and Mushrooms

I cooked it hehe, looks power right. The bacon very salty though, still delicious.

Commission Calculator for DBS Vickers SG Stocks

Made this little tool to help me calculate the costs of buying or selling a stock, just enter number of shares and price and it will show both buy and sell costs at the same time. Can even choose by cash upfront, online or phone and it will calculate using respective rates. Cash Upfront ONLINE By Phone Shares: Price: Value: Commission: Clearing Fee:

Croatia 2-1 England

I don't watch world cup but I thought England should be quite strong considering they have their own ever popular league, how come can lose to Croatia. This world cup many shocking loss and quite a few unlikely teams enter the world cup, definitely one of the weirder world cup lol.

DBS Vickers Cash Upfront Commission Revised to 0.12%, minimum SGD10

Link It used to be 0.18%, minimum SGD18, but after the recent promotion which ended on 30 Jun 2018, seems like they made it a permanent 0.12% or minimum SGD10 which is a good thing. Note from my last trade:  0.12%, min $10, $5 rebate per trade, promo from 1 Apr 2018 to 30 Jun 2018, both dates inclusive. The rate for normal trading account remain the same at 0.28% or minimum SGD25 for traded valued at $50,000 or less.

KFC's New Goldspice Chicken

Wow, now the salted egg madness also spread to KFC, from salted egg prawns to salted egg crabs, salted egg chicken chop, salted egg potato chips, salted egg fish skin now salted egg KFC lol.

Regarding Singapore 4D Gaming

Recently talked about 4D with my colleagues, they mentioned that there are 10,000 numbers that's why in Mandarin it's termed as 万字票. That led me to thinking whether it is possible to beat the system. By the way 10,000 numbers range from 0000 to 9999, don't be surprised, 0000 and 9999 actually opened before and quite several times considering the 4284 draws to date. You can check past winning numbers here . So let's say we buy all 10,000 numbers, the chance of winning all 23 numbers will be 100%, however we need to spend at least $10,000. The total prize from first prize all the way to consolation is just $6,590, that means we will lose $3,410. Even if we manage to find 3410 numbers that will never ever open (which is very unlikely, the oddest number also open before), we will still only break-even. And also, it is mandatory to win the first 3 prizes otherwise also end up losing money. Some people try to predict winning numbers by referring to past winning number

1-to-1 Replaced My G603 at Challenger

Overall very smooth experience, no hassle, they just changed it, only question asked was the Logitech support case id and that's it. By the way I lost my receipt and their email support managed to retrieve it for me even though it was purchased more than 3 months ago, just give credit card last 4 digits and receipt price. So I'm very happy with this replacement mouse, actually it's a brand new one, they took the new mouse out of the box and put into my box with the cable, receiver and batteries. My G603 firmware version out of the box: 8.0.17 I'm not going to update the firmware, the version is currently 8.0.17 out of the box, I read online some people get the scrolling problems after firmware upgrade, so since it's already working perfectly I don't see a reason to upgrade. Maybe previously start to have problem is because I upgraded the firmware but then very strange, only after some time then start to go nuts.