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IKEA Food Still Good

Still the usual crowd and lunch hour still as madly packed as ever so better to early morning or afternoon.

Price still reasonable and food quality still there, but the mashed potato a bit too sticky.

Daessiksin @ The Clementi Mall

Two adults for Saturday lunch is $60.95, pricing still alright, plenty of meat and fried food. I like to eat the meat with rice and the Korean fried glass noodles, super tasty, don't need any seasoning.

CoaguChek XS Meter Working Fine

Today wife went to do a blood test at NUH, INR was 1.3, then at the same time also checked using our meter, also 1.3, this means that the meter is still accurate, so I think previously why shot up so high is because we lost track.

Before she was warded, last check was on 17 Sep and the value was 1.8, after that we checked at NUH A&E and it was 6+. I think safer is to check at least twice a month, if somehow meter doesn't work again then better go check at NUH or polyclinic.

So now one thing for sure is that if reading is too high, for example 6+ then the meter will not be able to produce reading and may show QC or error 6.

Today the cost for checking at NUH is $25, after subsidy is $18.75.

Something Wrong with Wife's CoaguChek XS Meter

Recently the device keep showing QC error, wasted quite a few test strips and still unable to get a reading, I think wasted like almost a bottle of the test strips, one bottle have 6 and cost $64.20 after GST. And that's how we lost track of her INR level. Should have bring her to NUH to check instead of waiting.

Last Saturday when we went to NUH, I tried looking for the test strips at the Clinic A pharmacy but they don't sell, the pharmacist told me to try the one at the Medical Centre at level 3, good thing they sell so I bought two bottles. After that tried one and got error 6, I think it's because wife's INR was too high so the device can't read it and show error instead.

By the way if you want to know more about the error codes you can see this link for the user manual. I also found a link at HSA which says INR value  greater than 8 can cause error 6, but wife's reading was 6+ based on NUH A&E blood test but the meter shows error 6, very confusing.

So …

Wife Discharged from NUH

This morning went to see her at around 9+, she told me total transfused 4 packets of blood, then the doctor wanted to keep her until Monday but wife don't want, I also don't want. Then doctor wanted to arrange for an O&G check up, suspect her menses causing blood loss.

So drag until almost 12pm, I told the nurse she have until 12:30pm to settle everything, once time up we walk out. Think she feel the urgency already quickly get ready the documents. Then also make wife sign an indemnity paper in case we turn around and say they never do their job, this is fine, we insisted on leaving so of course won't hold them responsible if anything happens.

Now wondering how much the bill will be, based on what the NUH A&E told me, one packet of blood cost up to $1000, so 4 packets can cost up to $4000, didn't know blood worth so much money.

From the HSA link, seems like blood its…

Wife Warded at NUH

These few weeks she keeps complaining about feeling very tired, her face also very yellowish, then yesterday she told me to bring her to polyclinic.

So this morning woke up early and decided to go NUH A&E instead, thinking that there is a chance that we will be turned away at the polyclinic since today is a Saturday; we did get turned away once or twice, staff said Saturday they only accept appointment, no walk-in.

We took a taxi to NUH, reached at 9+, the A&E very empty so registered very fast, upfront have to pay $115. After the nurse examined her, she was quickly sent to a doctor, me and baby was told to wait outside.

After a while, the doctor called me in, told me wife's blood level very low (3. something out of 11. something), and her INR level 6.1 or 6.7 which is very high, and she recommended sending wife to ward for blood transfusion. Wife of course not keen to stay in hospital, I also reluctant because doctor told me might need to stay until Monday, if like that h…

Day 39 at New Job

Managed to survive for 39 days, so far working on 3rd project, not because finish already but because I got transferred around, so this time hope I can stay on this project and not jump around, but good thing is get to learn new stuff from different business domains so it's quite interesting.
But I heard I might be going to another project, I'll leave it to the company to decide, it doesn't bother me at all, I can take on just about any role, business analyst, project lead, development, testing, deployment, infrastructure, face nasty customer, whatever they need me to do I'll just do, after all I'm paid to solve their problems.
So far I find this new company good, have this very Singaporean feel to it, colleagues all very friendly, don't see any office politics, location also superb, near my home, have hawker centre, have coffeeshop, want to go smoke also near, big desk, comfortable chair, way better than my previous job.
Compared to my previous job, this curre…

Jakemy & Jackly JK-6088A 38 in 1 Screwdriver

I happened to see this at Challenger last weekend, only S$12.90.

This comes with an extension bar for difficult spots, and it's cheaper than buying online.

I think it is a must to keep one box at home just in case, you never know when you need it and when the time comes and you don't have the right tool, it can be very frustrating. I learned this the hard way last week while trying to install the M.2 SSD on my new PC.

This box looks like it has all the small screw heads that I can ever possibly use, there's even one for opening iPhone SIM card slot, and the material is Chrome Vanadium which is rust-resistant, and it is magnetic, and it comes with a nice box.

Logitech G603 Scrolling Issue Came Back, And Fixed Again

Previously I thought the scrolling issue was fixed, but yesterday it came back again, usual symptom is that in long pages when I scroll down all the way it will jerk up a bit sometimes, same for the other way.

Seems like the following 3 steps didn't help at all, and my mouse settings on the G Hub keep on resetting by itself, even while watching movie when I pause to surf net the settings also suddenly gone.

1. Installed "Logitech G HUB".
2. Disabled "USB selective suspend setting".
3. Uninstalled "Logitech Gaming Software".

So I did the following:

1. Uninstalled "Logitech G HUB".
2. Installed "Logitech Gaming Software".
3. Updated firmware via the "Logitech Gaming Software" to 8.6.28.
4. Enabled "USB selective suspend setting".

By the way I'm using Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17134. Now looks like the scrolling is really fixed, keep my fingers crossed.

Final Charges for New PC

Previous post.

I got the charges to my card for the PC and Windows 10 Pro.

Total in SGD that I paid for the new PC is S$2,031.78.

01 Oct 2018

Amazon conversion price was S$2,075.96, in this case I saved S$51.14.

05 Oct 2018 (This is for Windows 10 Pro)

eBay conversion price by PayPal was S$6.76, in this case I paid extra $0.20. Seems like PayPal will take a cut, so for such situation is better to take their conversion price.

By the way my Windows 10 Pro still works, updates and everything is working fine, only S$6.96 compared to the official S$399.

Logitech G603 Scrolling Fixed

Previous post.

I logged a case with Logitech support and they got back to me with some troubleshooting steps, the following seems to have solved the scrolling problem.

1. Installed "Logitech G HUB".
2. Disabled "USB selective suspend setting".
3. Uninstalled "Logitech Gaming Software".

The G Hub is a new software to replace the Gaming Software, it offers the same functionality with a new UI but I don't know if it really helped with the scrolling issue.

Maybe disabling the selective suspend helped I don't know, or maybe just using Windows 10 helped lol, anyway glad that it feels normal again.

Finally Setup My Hades Canyon

The package arrived on Thursday, one day earlier than expected. Amazon guarantee really power.

To open the cover, need to use the hex key, it comes with the package.

I installed the RAM, quite straightforward.

But I was unable to remove the screw from the standoff of the M.2 80mm slot, don't know why this one screw is super tight, so frustrating.

Next day during lunch I went to buy those small screwdrivers for repairing spectacles but no use, the screw already quite stripped on closer look, think it was because of the red screwdriver I used.

In the end managed to remove it using the plier I bought from IKEA but any plier with a flat tip should work, and good thing the NUC also comes with a spare M.2 screw.

The power plug is the USA type, but good thing is that almost any desktop computer power cord will work because it is the very common C13 plug, so I just reuse the one from my old desktop since this NUC is replacing it.

This is an example of C13 plug. SG and UK is the same plug …

Preparing Installation for Windows 10 Pro

Last weekend I ordered a new computer, was wondering how I should get my copy of Windows 10 Pro, there are so many ways both legal and illegal and of course the right thing for everyone to do is to get a legal copy.

First place that comes to mind is the SG Microsoft Store, the Windows 10 Pro is selling for S$399.00, I looked at the price and I was like what the f***, I can afford it doesn't mean I should go ahead and pay this kind of ridiculous price for an operating system, it's for personal use anyway so it's just absurd.

Next I checked out the US Microsoft Store, it's selling at 199.99 USD, if convert to SGD is around S$274, why so much lower compared to the SG site? They think Singapore full of carrot heads?

I also checked out, 194.99 USD with a free Call of Duty 4, I thought this was a good deal and I tried to buy but this stupid egg don't accept my SG credit card, weird.

I went back to the US MS Store, somehow it also doesn't accept my SG credi…