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Chef Kang’s $5 Michelin Star Wanton Noodle @ Jackson Square

This morning went for smoke break, just happened that no queue so thought might as well have an early lunch and find out why people willing to queue so long for such a simple dish. After eating, I think the noodle, the char siew, the lard, the wanton, the soup, the chilli all very different from the normal wanton noodle. The char siew is the fatty type, well bbq and even a bit crispy and very fragrant. The noodle I think some special noodles, very thin but I still like the normal noodles. The lard no need to say, lard is always good. Then wanton is special, two big wantons, inside have quite a few ingredients, got prawn also, I think they also put some sort of crispy dried fish very small bits. Soup also nice, not the ajinomoto type. Chilli also good stuff, not spicy and have dried prawns. Overall $5 definitely worth it, long queue forget it, worth the star or not I don't know how they award so no comment, but the quality is way above the usual wanton noodles, worth trying. If

Replacement of POSB Everyday Card

Recently found that my card a bit faulty, sometimes cannot read when paying by Master or EZ-Link sometimes also cannot read. This blog post is a record of how I replace my card. 1. Requested for replacement of card using the digibank app on 27 Nov. 2. Received new card with same number but different expiry date and code on 30 Nov. 3. Managed to update Starhub recurring bill online. M1 and town council need to send form. SP no way to update, emailed them. 4. Transferred balance of EZ-Link to my new card on 01 Dec, did it at one of the TransitLink Ticket Office, less than 5 mins settled. Useful links:

Found the Reason Why My Blog Loads So Slow

It's because of the read more script, I think the author took down his site which hosted the script so my blog can't find the script and load until timeout. I have commented off the script, now should be much faster.

No Smoking Sign

This sign is everywhere. If you smoke don't litter, first offence $200 fine.

Logitech G304 and Targus AKB55 Update

After using both for about a week, the G304 mouse is still amazing, well-designed and feels really comfortable and no problem so far. The material is also the durable type. It's worth every cent for the S$79 price tag. Even if you don't use it you should buy it for collection, yeah it's that good. As for the AKB55 keyboard, for S$39 it's not worth it, if S$10 then still ok. Never ever buy a keyboard because of the brand, which is my mistake, I thought Targus product cannot be too bad but I was so wrong. Some annoying problems: 1. Keyboard lag I don't know if it is because this keyboard simply sucks or if it is because Bluetooth cannot make it, there is always the intermittent lag, press and it doesn't respond and have to press again. My old Logitech K260 2.4GHz keyboard totally no lag at all. 2. Keyboard layout For the size, I can understand that they have to compromise but the layout is not good, small keyboard is good but this is too small so they real

DBS/POSB Credit Overseas Transaction Fees

Link. Last month I bought some games at Steam, the site shows total amount S$23.09, it is already in SGD. Then after that I noticed my credit was charged S$23.32, an extra S$0.23 which is about 1% more, not a big deal but curious so I checked with Steam support, they confirmed they only charged as per what I saw on their site which was S$23.09 and they advised me to check with my bank. So after checking with DBS, they told me Steam is an international site so the transaction used Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and they gave me the link and indeed it shows a 1% fee for credit card. " 1% fee on the converted Singapore Dollar Amount using a VISA/MasterCard Credit Card for foreign currency transactions." For transactions at Amazon or any other international sites can understand, I choose to pay in USD or other currency, I have to pay some fee, it's fine, because I understand DBS need to convert the foreign currency to charge me in SGD so it's service rende

China Man Got Let Go

Today my boss suddenly asked me to speak in a private room, then told me the top management decided to let the guy go, I was quite surprised because it was so fast, only yesterday he asked for my opinion then today fire the guy, but nevertheless with his kind of standard it's just a matter of sooner or later. Now I feel a bit bad, maybe I should have just kept quiet but then I don't think it's just because what I told boss, his conduct all can see, even customers not quite happy with him. Then boss shared with me what they plan to do, one approach is for me to take over that guy's duties but at a higher level and he will get people to help me, naturally I declined because it's above my pay grade, that guy is manager level and I'm an analyst, doesn't make any sense for me to do more and not get paid more. Anyway for the sake of the big picture, that guy's duties even if I take over doesn't mean it will go smoothly because the scope is not small, ne

Received Confirmation Letter

End of this month I would have completed 3 months in my new job, I have also received my confirmation letter so starting from next month I will probably be able to take leave and MC, but no plan for leave, MC I don't bother unless really sick until cannot walk. Anyway these 3 months I never take any leave, only that one day when I had sudden abdominal pain but good thing my boss cover for me so no need to take any leave. So until now, still same, people all very nice even customers all very friendly and approachable, recently I even received a compliment from the customer, a bit strange for me because in my last job I don't get any compliment no matter how well I do, or how proactive, at most get a "thanks" and that's it, it's like do well is expected, don't do well is your fault, and there was hardly any team work, have the feeling of every man for himself, boss suck, colleagues, customers suck, environment suck. But whatever, it's over, super

Got a Refund for My Amazon Order

Early on I bought a new PC from Amazon, I think it is stated somewhere that if the amount that they collected for import tax is not fully utilised, they will refund to me,and indeed they did. So Amazon emailed me to update that they will refund $2.22, because Amazon pricing is in USD so it is $2.22 USD, not bad, feels like some sort of rebate lol.

China Woman Raised Ass and Long Farted

Today me, wife and baby went to the BBQ restaurant at Clementi Mall, a table next to us was a China couple, the woman was well-dressed, put on makeup and all, and her ass happened to be facing us. So while we were eating, I heard a pooooo sound, lasted for at least 3 seconds, then I realised it's the China woman because her right ass was raised, basically she raised her ass and farted and then act blur. My wife also heard the fart. How did this disgusting piece of shit get into SG, go restaurant and then just fart like nobody business, lucky we were about done if not really no appetite to continue.

Bought New Mouse (G304) and Keyboard (AKB55)

Bought a Logitech G304 wireless mouse and a Targus AKB55 bluetooth keyboard. The mouse is awesome, I think it is better than my G603 because the shape feels just right whereas the G603 is a bit bigger. For weight, G304 feels lighter whereas the G603 is a bit heavier even with one battery. G304 is only one battery by the way. So now I will use the G603 at work and G304 for home use, the mouse I currently use for work is garbage and wired and sometimes the cursor goes nuts. G304 is $79. If I have to choose one between G603 or G304, I would easily choose the G304 and it is also cheaper. For the AKB55, I bought it purely because it is small and compact and only $39 for a Targus brand. Keyboard layout is weird, it has a function key, backspace key is labelled as delete and a bit smaller, enter key is also smaller but I suppose I'll get used to it. Other than the weird layout, everything else feels good, super slim and light, looks durable, flat keys for easy typing, good purchase

Daessiksin @ The Clementi Mall Again

Today go eat again, see the glorious food!

Received Wife's Hospital Bill

One day stay at NUH class C ward. Total charges: $1800.30 Government subsidy: -$807.85 Amount payable: $992.45 Since it is just one day, can only claim $450 from my Medisave. Then the Medishield Life cannot claim because there is a $1500 annual deductible that needs to be met before they will payout. So now still owe NUH $542.45 in cash.

Still Haven't Receive Wife's Hospital Bill

Last month she was warded at NUH, now almost one month haven't see her bill in mailbox. I wondering how much, but for sure no need to pay cash, think all paid by CPF. She was warded one night at C ward so don't think it can cost much.

Seems Like 500GB More Than Enough

My new computer is using the Samsung 970 Evo 500GB as my one and only disk drive, so far after loading up with all my stuff, still left with about 355GB, way more than enough. By the way my Windows 10 Pro which I bought off eBay for 4.90 USD is still working fine, fully updated and working well.

Ichiban Sushi @ The Clementi Mall

Personally I think this is my favourite Japanese restaurant, the cereal fried chicken is great and for $7.90 the serving is big, don't mind the picture I ate a few pieces then took picture. Then they have this new Tendon which is a bowl of rice with soya sauce and fried stuff, $13.90. I remember I ate Tendon at some other place one bowl $20+ and portion smaller than this.

UOB Overseas Property Loan for Thailand

Source But catch is must be condo and must be Bangkok or some selected areas, probably rural areas is out. Can borrow up to 70% though. Wonder if places like Chiang Mai or Phuket can or not, Bangkok air so polluted I cannot take it. Anyone use this loan before? Want to share your experience?