14 July 2017

Noticed a Solar Powered CCTV

It's right behind my block, looks like it is focused at my air-con unit. I think installed by NEA after I feedback to them about the rubbish on my air-con unit. Hope they catch the asshole in the act and fine him/her jia lat jia lat.


Dave said...

Great to know that NEA took action after all bro.

May i know does the CCTV look like and where did they install it?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I updated a photo, looks a bit blur.

Anyway this structure wasn't there before, after I reported a few days later it suddenly appeared.

On top you can see it's a solar panel, right below there is round type of CCTV, but funny seems to be pointing at my unit, thought should be pointing up.

Dave said...

Thanks for the photo bro!
I will keep an eye for it to see if theres any action taken by NEA :D