5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan from 2017

Looking back on the list that I created in 2014, seems like I have achieved 3 out of 4, seems pretty good, time to set new ones. I think to set goal such as "to save X amount" or to "to invest X amount" is kind of meaningless, so this time I am going to set more meaningful goals.

1. To apply BTO or to apply SOB

Just need to wait until May 2019 then can apply.

2. To own my second property

In SG not possible with only my income, so I can only aim for other countries, so far Phuket seems to be a nice place to buy. But this can happen only after I get my BTO/SOB, my thinking is that the BTO/SOB in future can fully rent out, then just relax in Phuket and live off the rental.

5 Year Plan from 2014

1. To have a baby by 2015 (Achieved on 20 May 2015)

Me and my wife plan to try to have a baby again on Apr 2014, if all goes well, she will probably deliver in 2015, I just hope this time nothing bad happen again. 06/02/2015: wife is pregnant now! Due date Jun 2015.

24/07/2015: Thankfully my wife delivered a beautiful baby on 20 May 2015, this baby really brought me luck, I got a promotion soon after!

2. To invest S$50000 in stocks by 2017 (Sigh, still long way to go...)

Currently I have invested S$12466.98, it's much more than the initially planned amount of S$10000, furthermore I was paying S$268 every month for my study loan and now that I've fully paid up, I think I can invest more, so this target is very realistic. 06/02/2015: I think after baby deliver then assess again, it's going to be costly.

24/07/2015: Ended up the delivery costs weren't as expensive as I thought, thankfully baby was born healthy other than her hole in heart, it is not a critical condition, if we are lucky it may even close by itself. Now is the time to start saving up and invest.

3. To achieve S$4000 basic salary by 2018 (Achieved on Jul 2015)

I'm currently getting S$3480, if my company can continue to increase by salary by 5% for the next 3 years, I can hit this target, but it's really hard to say, but I think by 2018 should be achievable. Just to clarify, $4000 is exclusive of bonus. 06/02/2015: Now salary is $3944, I think this year can increase to over $4000, hope so.

24/07/2015: I got a promotion, salary is now $4500, way more than expected, I believe my wife and baby brought me success.

4. To have my own home by 2018 (Achieved on 26 May 2014)

If my wife can deliver in 2015, we'll apply for BTO, I just hope my mom can be more understanding, if really no choice I will probably get my own home, but that will ruin my financial plans, getting a resale flat is definitely the last resort. Update: Hahaha, I ended up getting a resale flat, sigh, at least I can strike off one goal soon. Yep, now the owner of a 2-room resale flat ;)

More trying, less hoping


Anonymous said…
2. To invest S$50000 in stocks by 2017

hi i have a thai gf now, and i am not working,
thinking do something my own in BKK,
wonder invest stock can help in future ?

hopefully we can share more in other topics.

may i pm you ?
Sugar and Spice said…
Hi bro, You have an informative blog!

Be sure to check out my guide when you do settle for a BTO!. :)

Hi Ivan, thanks, you have a nice blog going too!
benthai said…
where to get thai gf? 8(
No need to be Thai la, most important is find a good girl ;)
benthai said…
I like thai girl for a weird reason.... cos the way they speak english very amusing LOL
Admin said…
I love ur blog..super informative.. im a foreigner wife of a singapore citizen..just collected the ltvp card this afternoon, and i got 3 years!! It turns out to be ltvp+. Consider myself lucky since this is only my first ltvp application and i am given a pass for 3 years. I guess this is also my baby's luck, since i am currently pregnant, due in mid dec 2015. Ok afterall, i just wanna say, i find this blog is really informative, and thank u that u still update and bother to reply comments. Keep up the good work. Longing to read more info from u and fam. Thank u
Congratulations, wow your tummy must be really big now, take good care of yourself and have a good delivery ;)

And glad that you find my blog useful, thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hi love reading wat u write here. question! If my Thai wife gets a PR do I quality for all grants if buying bto
Yes, you will qualify for housing grant, but note that as your wife is PR, you will need to pay $10,000 premium, it will be added to your flat price, but if you have SG child, then no need.
eSceptional said…
You will get only half the grant if your spouse is a SPR.

You can get back your 10k SPR premium should your spouse be granted Singapore Citizenship. Do remember you need to file for the claim within 6 months of his/her SC registration. But sadly, the interest you incurred on this 10k over the years will not be refunded. :(
Anonymous said…
Hi, I'm glad to chance upon your website which is really informative. Thanks for the wonderful sharing!

I'm a SC currently working in the country of my foreign husband. Would you know if I can apply LTVP/LTVP+ for him at the SG embassy as although he stays overseas, we do travel often to SG? Also, would the chances be very low if I try to apply for a BTO as single/with foreign spouse and if not, resale flat in SG since I'm not working in SG? However, I do hope to have a place of my own eventually when I return to SG someday with my husband. I guess I could apply for it too when I have a child or with my parent and that is given if my parent does not have any existing HDB flat, right? Btw, does the 2-rm flat means 1 room + living hall or two rooms + living hall?

I would be grateful if you could help address my queries. Many thanks in advance!

I think embassy only provide services for Singaporeans, but you can enquire at the embassy.

As for BTO, you can only apply by yourself since he does not have PR. For resale you can buy together with him, but he cannot be owner, he can be occupier though. If you have a Singaporean child, you can buy BTO with your child.

It doesn't matter whether your parents own existing flat, if you buy a new one it will be under your name, your family nucleus.

2-room flat means 1 living room + 1 bedroom.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I see. Thanks a lot for your reply and all the best in your job hunt! :)
Anonymous said…
Glad you achieved most of what you wanted!

Time to update the list!

Yeah you are right, time to update, let me think what I want to achieve next haha.
Unknown said…
to live off by rental proceeds with BTO i dont think is possible. You need to service the loan as well .. unless you making full payment.
Yeah that's why I'm giving up on good location, maybe get a 3-room in cheaper area, hopefully can get one below $200k, then my current 2-room sales proceeds plus CPF might be able fully pay up the flat without taking a loan. Haven't done the calculation but from high level looks possible.

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