30 Sep 2013 Single Winner for Toto Group 1: S$3.4 Million

I'm FINished WITH FINS Campaign

Wife is Coming Home Tonight!

Finally Cleared My IPPT for 2013! FU*K YEAH!

Even Burger King Knows to Appreciate National Service Men

Child of Singaporean and Foreign Spouse Born Outside of Singapore Can Apply for Citizenship

Embed Google Docs Into Blogger!

Semb Corp Industries Rallied to S$5.28, Damn!

Firms Must Try to Hire Singaporeans Before Trying to Hire Foreigner

Must Watch Movie for Horror Fans - V/H/S

Received My S$89 Cheque for IRAS Tax Refund

Sold My 5 Lots of SembCorp at S$5.14

Starhub Cable TV Bill Problem Again

STI Index Closed at 3251

STI Index Closed at 3193

Still Having Diarrhea

Fail IPPT and Fall Sick

IRAS Tax Relief

Brokerage Fees: DBS Vickers VS Standard Chartered Bank

Actually IPPT is Good and Easy Money

USD132994.97 Adsense Cheque!

Amazing Girl from France with a Solid Voice

Training for IPPT

US Will Not Deploy Ground Troops to Syria

Maybe NTUC Income Can Do Its Part to Recognize NS Contribution

Pale Moon VS Waterfox

Necessary to Print Flight Itinerary?